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Shutting Down Your DJI Spark When Nothing Else Works

Posted by Simon Gerber on

What do you do when you need to shut down your DJI Spark, and all the usual ways of controlling your drone have failed? When your remote has died/stopped responding, your phone can't connect to the drone, it's not seeing any of your gestures - but it's still hovering in mid-air. Here's how to shut it down safely:

Step One:

Step one for shutting down your DJI Spark - hold the drone by the base

Reach out for the Spark where it's hovering in mid-air. Take a firm hold of the drone by the base.

Step Two:

Step Two: Turn the drone 90 degrees to shut down the engines

Turn the Spark 90 degrees to horizon. This will kill the motors and the propellers will stop.

Big thank you to YouTube user Riaan Roux who shared this trick in one of his videos. Follow the link to see this technique in action.

Remember to always fly safe, maintain a visual line-of-sight, and fly within the limitations set out by the CAA:

  • At least 50m from any building, public road, or group of people
  • At least 10km from any airport or airstrip (see this map for a complete list of airports with their no-fly zones, compiled for South Africa)
  • Only fly in daylight hours, and in appropriate weather
  • Do not fly near crime scenes, prisons, courts of law or National Key Points
  • Maintain visual line-of-sight, keep the aircraft within 500m of the operator at all times, and do not fly more than 30m higher than the highest structure in the vicinity of the flight


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