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Written by David Davies On the 26th February DJI announced the M200 series, the most versatile and rugged drone built by DJI to date. From the IP43 rating to the ADS-B sensors and dual camera functionality, DJI have once again shown why they stake claim to the best drone OEM in the world. For those of you who are new to the Matrice 200 series, watch the video below for an idea of what I’m talking about.    The Matrice 200 series is the commercial drone we’ve all been waiting for.   Action Gear is at the forefront of drone...

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Written by David Davies Checkout for all DJI Enterprise Drones. Powered by the same customer service and expertise as Action Gear South Africa.  The new DJI M200 Version 2 has been released. To read more visit our partner website for more information: For the latest information, pricing and a more in depth blog click here NOTE: New DJI FLIR XT2 has just been released. Read more here.  DJI release something new every 3 months which is impressive but at the same time I wonder if they are not cannibalising their own products. After the recent DJI Mavic announcement - DJI...

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