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The Best DJI Drone Accessories

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Getting the best out of your drone is all about having the right accessories. PGYTECH is a new range of DJI accessories backed by DJI themselves. Our team at Action Gear have tried and tested these accessories and we really happy with the quality. Check out the 5 best drone accessories: 

Our 5 Best drone accessories are:

1) The Phantom 4 Series Air Dropper

Can be used as fishing bait dropper, medical bags or even for dropping flowers. In fact one of our customers proposed to his wife by dropping flower petals during his proposal. 


2) PGYTECH Mavic Air Lights

These lights simply clip onto your drone and offer some impressive bright lighting! Can be used either for night flying or even security solutions while flying indoors. 

3) PGYTECH Landing mat / pad for drones. 75CM

One of our most popular drone accessories and certainly a must have. Using the mat prevents dirt from getting into your motors, camera / gimbal and antennas. The mat also folds up nice and easily. 

4) PGYTECH OsmoMobile Attachment 

Simply fit your GoPro camera onto your OsmoMobile 2


Certainly the best value for money accessories bundle. Includes the following accessories:

  • Landing Gear Extenders
  • Control Stick Protector
  • Lens Hood
  • Remote Controller Clasp
  • Landing Pad
  • Mavic Air Skin
  • Filters (ND4, 8, 16, 32, CPL, UV)

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