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DJI Matrice 200, 210 & 210 RTK Specifications

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Written by Daryl-Leigh Preuss

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The DJI Matrice 200 series, launched at the end of February 2017, is DJI's most rugged and reliable drone to date. The dual battery system allows for up to 32mins flight time with a single gimbal. This battery power system automatically heats up when flying in sub-zero temperatures. It's 17 inch propellers ensure stable flight in strong winds with an enclosed design ensuring weather and water resistance.

The series includes:

The Matrice 200:

The Matrice 210:

And the Matrice 210 RTK:

Their differences are the Matrice 210 and 210 RTK have universal ports and the option to mount dual gimbals underneath the aircraft as well as a mount for a gimbal on top of the aircraft. The Matrice 210 RTK also has built-in RTK functionality which ensures millimetre-precision navigation.

The laser sensor recognizes objects above while the stereo vision sensors recognize objects below and in front making close up inspections safe and easy. Gear up your Matrice 200 series with either the X4S; X5S; Z30 or XT gimbals. It also has an onboard FPV camera giving you a real-time view for confident flying.The Matrice's foldable design makes it easy to deploy, the gimbal mounting plates and aircraft arms stay mounted during transport allowing you to fly within minutes of arrival.


  • Max Takeoff Weight : 6.14 kg
  • Max Ascent Speed : 5 m/s
  • Max Descent Speed : 3 m/s
  • Max Wind Resistance : 10 m/s

Matrice 200:

  • Dimensions (unfolded) : 716 x 220 x 236 mm
  • Dimensions (folded) : 887 x 880 x 378 mm
  • Weight (TB50) : 3.80 kg / (TB55) : 4.53 kg
  • Max Speed : S Mode 23 m/s; P Mode 17 m/s; A Mode 23 m/s

Matrice 210:

  • Dimensions (unfolded) : 716 x 220 x 236 mm
  • Dimensions (folded) : 887 x 880 x 378 mm
  • Weight (TB50) : 3.84 kg / (TB55) : 4.57 kg
  • Max Speed : S Mode 23 m/s; P Mode 17 m/s; A Mode 23 m/s

Matrice 210-RTK:

  • Dimensions (unfolded) : 887 x 880 x 408 mm
  • Dimensions (folded) : 716 x 242 x 236 mm
  • Weight (TB50) : 4.27 kg / (TB55) : 5 kg
  • Max Speed : S Mode 23 m/s; P Mode 17 m/s; A Mode 23 m/s
  • Allows resistance to magnetic interference for large metal inspections or magnetic fields.

Gimbal Installation:

Matrice 200:

  • Downward Gimbal Mount : Supported
  • Upward Gimbal Mount : Not supported
  • Downward Dual Gimbal : Not supported

Matrice 210 / 210-RTK:

  • Downward Gimbal Mount : Supported
  • Upward Gimbal Mount : Supported
  • Downward Dual Gimbal : Supported

Please Note: You can’t use an upward and downward camera simultaneously.

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TB50 (Standard)

  • Capacity : 4280 mAh
  • Voltage : 22.8 V
  • Battery Type : LiPo 6s
  • Operating Temperature : -20° to 45° C
  • TB55 (Optional)

Forward and Downward Vision System:

Foward vision system:

  • Obstacle sensing range : 0.7m - 30m
  • FOV : Horizontal 60°, Vertical 54°

Downward vision system:

  • Operating range : 10m
  • Ultrasonic sensor operating range : 10 - 500 cm

Upward Infrared Sensor:

  • Obstacle sensing range : 0 - 5 m

Remote Controller:

  •  Max transmitting distance : 7km FCC; 3.5km CE; 4km SRRC
  • Video output ports : USB; HDMI
  • Power supply : Built-in battery
  • Mobile device holder : Tablet or Smart Phone (Max width : 170 mm)

Please follow the link for more specifications.


Intelligent Flight Modes:

Active Track:

Capture detailed data while keeping moving subjects in the frame. Perfect for keeping track of missing persons while you relay their position to a rescue team.

 Point of Interest:

Easily circle your object of interest to focus on capturing the data needed for a detailed inspection, compatible with the X4S and X5S cameras.

Powerful Controls:

App Compatibility:

Customize and control your M200 series using the DJI GO 4 or DJI Pilot apps. Flight planning can be done using DJI GS Pro.


Use DJI's Lightbridge transmission system to enable low-latency controls and live feeds from the aircraft.

DJI Airsense:

The built-in ADS-B receiver enhances airspace safety by automatically providing the operator with real-time information about nearby manned aircraft.


  • Power line inspection
  • Search and rescue
  • Wind turbine inspection
  • Bridge inspection
  • Precision agriculture
  • Solar panel inspections
  • Firefighting
  • Telecom inspections
  • Construction site mapping
  • Offshore rig inspections


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