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Industrial Drones

Commercial drones are being adopted for many industrial applications to improve the efficiency and accuracy of information and measurements by using aerial surveys instead of traditional information gathering techniques. You can now perform a full survey of a construction site in minutes rather than days and you'll have a 4D image with accuracy to 3cm. Applications extend to agriculture drones to assess the quality of crops with GiS information which helps to improve crop yield. Contact Action Gear for any questions around drones being used in industrial applications like mining, aggregates, agriculture, construction, energy and insurance.

DJI Matrice 200

DJI Matrice 210

DJI Matrice 210 RTK

DJI Matrice 600 Pro

R 94,299.00
Discovery Miles: 942990 eBucks: 942990

Huginn X1 Thermal Imaging Drone

R 1,500,000.00
Discovery Miles: 15000000 eBucks: 15000000

Parrot Disco-Pro AG

R 69,995.00
Discovery Miles: 699950 eBucks: 699950

Parrot Sequoia

R 54,995.00
Discovery Miles: 549950 eBucks: 549950

Precision Hawk Lancaster 5

R 235,000.00
Discovery Miles: 2350000 eBucks: 2350000

Precision Hawk Smarter Farming Package

R 129,400.00
Discovery Miles: 1294000 eBucks: 1294000


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