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DJI Mavic Pro Firmware Update 19/09/2017

Mavic Pro Firmware Update
Update Version Numbers
  • Firmware: V 01.04.0000
  • DJI GO 4 App iOS: V 4.1.10
  • DJI GO 4 App Android: V 4.1.10
What's new with this update?
  • Added QuickShot feature (requires DJI GO 4 app v4.1.10 or higher).
  • Added Dynamic Home Point for ActiveTrack mode.
  • Added support for Mavic Pro Platinum firmware and 8331 Low-Noise Quick Release Propellers.
  • Adjusted the color in Normal mode to Vivid.

This firmware is also an update for DJI Goggles:

  • Adjusted the startup volume to be the same as the settings volume.
Updating using DJI GO App (easiest method):
The Mavic drone battery must be charged to above 50% and the remote controller battery must be at least 30% charged before you can begin the update. To prevent any possible update failures always ensure your batteries are fully charged before attempting the firmware update.

Download Firmware Update:

  • Install the DJI GO 4 App.
  • Launch DJI GO 4 and ensure you have a network connection. (Be sure to connect via WiFi, to avoid possible Cellular Data charges that may occur if you are not connected via WiFi)
  • Connect the mobile device to the remote controller, and the remote to the aircraft. If there are new versions of firmware available, you will see a pop-up prompting you to update.
  • Tap ‘Download Firmware’ to start the firmware upgrade process.

Install Update

  • Once the download is finished, the update needs to be installed. Power on the aircraft and the remote controller, and ensure they are linked.
  • Confirm that the aircraft has at least 50% power, and that the remote controller has at least 30% power.
  • Tap "Update Now."
  • Don't turn off either device's power, or exit the App during the update.
  • If the remote controller loses connection with the App during the update, follow the directions on screen to reconnect.
  • A prompt will appear in the app when the update is complete, and the remote controller will start beeping.
  • Reset the remote controller to complete the update.

Confirm successful update:

  • Tap ‘Complete.'
  • When you return to camera view, you’ll receive a prompt saying ‘Latest Firmware Version’ that confirms the update was successful. 
Video Tutorial: Updating using DJI GO App
Updating Using DJI Assistant Software
Aircraft firmware can also be installed with DJI Assistant 2 on your PC or Mac.
  • Connect the aircraft to your PC or Mac with a USB cable and ensure your computer is connected to the internet.
  • Launch DJI Assistant 2, which is available to download here.
  • Enter your DJI account information and select 'Spark.'
  • Click 'Firmware Update' on the left and choose the latest firmware version.
  • Click 'Update Now' to start updating.
Video Tutorial: Updating Using DJI Assistant Software
Update notes:
  • Restart the aircraft and remote controller when the update is complete.
  • If the firmware update fails, restart the aircraft, remote controller and DJI GO 4 or DJI Assistant 2, then try updating again.
  • Important: If the firmware version of your aircraft, remote controller, or battery differ, the DJI GO 4 App will indicate this with a prompt “Inconsistent Firmware Found.” You can then update the firmware of the device to match the other two. Slide right to begin the update.
  • If you lose your internet connection while downloading the new firmware, the update will fail, and you will need to begin the process again. If you lose internet connection after downloading the firmware, the update process can continue without interruption.
Firmware FAQs:
  • When using DJI GO 4 to update firmware, can I let the update run in the background while I use other apps?
    • No. DJI GO 4 will state an update error. You will have to reconnect to the internet to update again.
  • After downloading the firmware successfully, can I disconnect from the internet and continue updating?
    • Yes.
  • Will the update fail if the battery level of the aircraft or controller is lower than 50%?
    • The update will not start if the battery levels are lower than 50%. After downloading the firmware, please ensure the aircraft and controller have sufficient power to continue the update. However, the update will continue to run normally if battery levels fall below 50% during an update.
  • Will the remote controller be updated when upgrading the aircraft via USB?
    • No. In this case, only the aircraft will be updated. 
  • When the remote controller is connected via USB, my computer and DJI Assistant 2 become unresponsive. Why?
    • Please refer to the instructions below when using DJI Assistant 2 to update.
      1. To update the remote controller only: Power off the aircraft and connect the remote controller to your computer via USB.
      2. To update the aircraft only: Connect the aircraft to your computer via USB.
      3. To update the aircraft and remote controller together: Power on the aircraft and link it to the remote controller then connect the remote controller to the computer via USB; Once the aircraft and remote controller are connected to your computer, DJI Assistant 2 will respond to the device that was connected first.
    • The remote controller does not support hot swapping. Please ensure that the remote controller is powered off before connecting it to the computer. Power on the remote after connecting.
  • What happens if the battery firmware version differs from the aircraft firmware version after the update?
    • DJI GO will examine version consistency for all devices. If there is a problem, follow the instructions in DJI GO for a further update.
  • Can I update through DJI GO 4 when using Wi-Fi to control the aircraft?
    • No. You cannot update the aircraft in this instance. However, you may update other components to the current aircraft firmware version.
  • What does it mean when the progress bar gets stuck during an update?
    • Both devices have different update speeds. It will take approximately five minutes for the remote controller, ten minutes for the aircraft, and 15 minutes to update both simultaneously. If the update takes longer, check your network connection and USB cable or power off, restart and try again.
  • What happens if the remote controller gets disconnected from the aircraft after an update?
    • Please refer to the instructions in the user manual and relink the remote controller and aircraft. Check the latest version numbers to make sure both have been updated properly.
  • If the update still fails, try the following steps:
    1. Check that the battery level is at least 50% or higher before updating.
    2. Check that you haven’t powered off the device during the update. If so, switch the power on again to continue.
    3. Disconnecting from the internet during a firmware download will lead to update failure. However, you can disconnect the aircraft from the computer after downloading the firmware to start an update. When the update is finished, reconnect the aircraft to the computer via USB. DJI GO will show the update is 100% complete.
    4. If update failure persists, or the remote controller does not link with the aircraft, there may be firmware inconsistencies between devices. In this instance, use DJI Assistant 2 on your computer to update to the latest versions separately. It is normal for the remote controller to restart a few times when updating. When linked to the aircraft, it will disconnect and relink twice.


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