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Let us sell your Drone

Are you thinking of selling your drone?

Let us take the hassle off your hands and do it for you.

Action Gear is a reputable drone dealer and has been a trusted online retail brand since being founded in 2010. This trust from shoppers together with the amount of potential drone buyers who visit our website daily means that we are likely to sell your drone quicker than if you were to list it on Gumtree, OLX, Facebook or others. We also take away the risk of you being scammed by dodgy people who trawl these sites. Let us take care of this for you.



How does it work?

  1. Contact us to to find out what estimated price your drone will get on the 2nd hand market. 
  2. We’ll send you some basic paperwork to complete.
  3. You get the drone to us or we can collect by courier (cost to be covered by you)
  4. Drone checked in and fully assessed by a SkyFix drone repair technicians. If repairs are needed they’ll deal with you to sort it out and once they approve it a “SkyFix Certificate of Approval” will be issued for your drone. This assessment is valued at R750 but there’s no cost to you*. 
  5. Action Gear will then list your drone on our site at the selling price previously agreed to. 
  6. Once a customer buys it we will complete delivery and pay the sale value to you by EFT less our commission fee of 20%. 

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What’s the benefit to you the seller?

  1. Turn your drone into cash 
  2. We manage the process for you 
  3. Avoid potential scammers who might take your drone and never pay
  4. Access to more customers through the Action Gear website 
  5. Not all customers want to pay cash. We offer credit card, EFT, eBucks, Discovery Miles, Mobicred, BitCoin and more payment options. (No additional fees to you).
  6. Buyers are more willing to purchase from a reputable store, like us (thus sells quicker)
  7. The SkyFix certificate will also assist in selling your drone faster since it indicates that the drone is in good working condition.



What’s the benefit to the buyer?

  1. Scammers target both sellers and buyers. Customers would much rather prefer to deal with a reputable company rather than dealing with the risk of being scammed. 
  2. The SkyFix approval certificate removes the biggest concern of buying a second hand drone. They’ll know that they’re getting a drone which is in good condition. 
  3. Ability to pay in using credit card and rewards programs. 
  4. Courier delivery offered nationwide throughout South Africa. 
  5. They can come and view the drone in a secure environment if they wish. 




1. If I send it to you and then decide to get it back then what happens?
If the seller decides (for whatever reason) that they want to take the drone back then they can do so however they will be liable to cover the admin costs and cost of the SkyFix assessment done which is R799 (incl VAT). They will also be responsible for covering any potential costs of returning the drone to their address.

2. Who sets the selling price?
Through our experience we have a pretty good idea of what price your drone will sell for on the secondhand market. We’ll advise you of this price at the beginning of the process and it’s up to you to decide if you would like to list it at the recommended price or at a lower price to help it sell faster.

3. What if I want to change the price after a few weeks?
We can do this easily for you, we’ll just need this change in writing in the form of an email.

4. When do I get paid?
Within 10 days of the asset being purchased. We’ll ask for your EFT details as part of the sign up paperwork.

5. What is the collection costs for sending my drone to you?
It is the sellers responsibility to deliver the drone to us. You can drop it off or courier it to us or if you would like us to send the courier to collect then we'll arrange a quote which is dependent on location and parcel size/ weight.


6. How long will the SkyFix assessment take?
A maximum of 10 days


7. How long do you list my drone before we need to evaluate the offer or send it back to me?
If the seller decides to take the drone back within 3 months then they'll be liable to pay the R750 fee for the SkyFix approval plus additional courier fees if applicable. However if we haven't sold it in 3 months then the R750 will be waived should you decide to take the drone back (but the courier fees are still applicable). You can revise the pricing at any time
if you would like to reduce the price to speed up the sale. Any requests to change a price must be sent to us via email so that there is a written confirmation.


8. If my drone needs to be repaired, can I list it for selling after it's fixed?
We won't list or sell any drones which haven't been approved by SkyFix. During their assessment they might uncover something that needs fixing and they'll contact you with a quote to fix this. Only after this has been fixed and approved will Action Gear list it for sale.


9. What are the repairs costs involved?
Any potential repairs are completely dependent on what needs fixing and the pricing of the parts / labour included in the repair.


10. What happens when I find a buyer while it is still listed on your site?
If you find a buyer you can refer them to our site or you can request to get the drone back, in which case the R750 fee would be liable if it is within the first 3 months.


11. Can I get the Repairs Certificate Separately?
Yes, you can contact SkyFix directly. The service will cost you R750 plus any courier fees back and forth if you need them to arrange this for you.


12. What type of drones would you sell 2nd hand?
We'll only consider reputable brands which we are familiar with. Very old models may not be accepted. Market supply and demand may also effect the decision to accept or reject a drone. It is up to Action Gear's discretion as to whether or a unit will be accepted.


13.Which criteria do you check for it to be “approved” by the SkyFix repair centre?
SkyFix will assess the drone to see that it is in good working order and acceptable to be resold in a condition which we can be proud of. If they see that the drone has been in a crash then it is likely to not be approved however they will contact the seller and, if they feel that they can repair it to be a reasonable condition, then they can fix it and then approve it - however the sales page will state that it is refurbished and the selling price will be reduced to compensate for this.



Terms and conditions

If the seller decides (for whatever reason) that they want to take the drone back then they can do so however they will be liable to cover the admin costs and cost of the SkyFix assessment done which is R799 (incl VAT). They will also be responsible for covering any potential costs of returning the drone to their address.

Until the point that the new buyer receives the drone to their possession the seller is responsible for the insurance of the asset. While Action Gear will take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of the asset the company nor any of its employees cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to the asset.

The buyer agrees that the purchase is done voetstoets. While Action Gear and SkyFix will take all reasonable measures to ensure the asset is in proper working order and good condition, neither them nor the original seller can be held liable for issues which are picked up after the sale date. With this said, Action Gear would endeavour to help within reason if anything were to happen.

Action Gear will endeavour to sell your drone at the agreed upon price but they have the flexibility to lower the price to a maximum discount of 5% if a willing buyer pushes for a lower price. This is done completely at the discretion of the Action Gear team member. If a willing customer pushes for a discount greater than 5% we may reach out to the seller to ask if the seller is willing to accept the lower offer however we are not obligated to make the seller aware of lower offers.


You can agree to these terms in the sign-up form


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