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Feiyutech G4 Handheld Gimbal

Feiyutech G4 Handheld Gimbal

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Feiyutech G4 Handheld Gimbal is a new generation of handheld gimbal and is suitable for the GoPro4/GoPro3+/GoPro3 as well as other sports cameras of a similar size.

The Feiyutech G4 uses internal limits to hide all wires making sure that your experience is wireless and fulfilling. The Feiyutech G4 is available for online purchase and uses special length design for a more easy to hold and use, along with a special thumbscrew design that protects against thumb screw loss. The new thumb screw makes the G4 steadier, even when adding an LED backpack. 

  • Weighs 265g
  • 239mm X 75mm X 65mm
  • Motor 2804F
  • Pitch Angle: -160° ~ +160°
  • Roll Angle: -50° ~+50°
  • Level Angle: -160° ~ +160°
  • Limit Design: Interior limit
  • Working Modes: 1. Heading following mode
  • 2. Heading and Pitch Following Mode
  • 3. Heading Lock Mode
  • 4. Special Working Condition (Inversion Mode)
  • Starting time: 2.5sec
  • Battery  18350
  • Battery capacity 900mAh
  • Battery Quantity: 2pcs
  • Stand-by Time: 5h support lengthen the working time by adding more batteries
  • Compatible with GoPro LCD Backpack
  • Full Visible LCD
  • Support supply the power to GoPro
  • Support to connect the ExtraControl Module
  • Video Output Camera weight 50grams ~ 120grams
  • Wire Hidden Design
  • Thumb Screw Design Again Lost
  • Support Lengthen Working Time
  • How to Adjust the Pitching Angle: Double press the function button to enter the Heading and Pitching Mode, hold the G4 at the angle you want and then press the function button once to re-engage Heading Following Mode.
  • How to take a Selfie: Turn the G4 Gimbal to 180° so the function interface is facing you, adjust the angle of the pitch to where you want and now you can film yourself!
  • Flexible Use of Inversion Mode: Press the function button three times to enter Inversion mode to capture unique angles
  • Installation Instructions: Install the camera properly
  • Place Gimbal on flat, stationary surface and keep it motionless
  • Power on the Gimbal
  • The G4 Gimbal will activate and initialize automatically. Pick up the Gimbal to have it work normally
  • The Feiyutech G4 Gimbal needs to be initialized whenever the following situations appear after it is turned on: 1. Once on, the angle of the pitch is not level with the horizon line
  • 2. Once on, the angle of the roll is not parallel with the horizon line
  • 3. When the gimbal is in Heading lock, the angle of the heading moves frequently
  • Feiyutech G4 Handheld Gimbal
  • Thumb screw

There are four functions to the G4 Gimbal; 


  • Heading Following Mode
  • Heading and Pitch Following Mode
  • Locking Mode and Inversion Mode


Heading Following Mode focuses on pitch and roll locking and heading smooth rotation that will follow the direction of the handheld. 

Heading and Pitch Following Mode focuses on roll locking, heading and pitch smooth rotation that follows the direction of the handheld. 

Locking Mode is used for heading, pitching and roll locking. 

Inversion Mode is also known as Special Working Condition; when in any mode, you can press the function button three times and the Gimbal will enter into Inversion mode and switch to the Heading Following Mode automatically. Invert the Gimbal to capture unique images by switching mode combinations. To reset your Gimbal back to normal, press the function button three times and you will no longer be in Inversion Mode. The G4 is easy to operate and keeps the camera movement steady and fluid while walking.



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