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Huginn X1 Thermal Imaging Drone

Huginn X1 Thermal Imaging Drone

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The Huginn X 1 RPAS is a full military spec drone. It can be used as a FULLY AUTONOMOUS Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS), it is rapidly deployable (deployable in under two minutes) and can be fitted with a FLIR Quark 640 Thermal Detector as well as an 8 megapixel optical camera (HD Video recorded at 50fps).

The drice displayed is an estimate. The actual price will be determined by the exact specification and exchange rate at time of purchase.

The Huginn X 1's black box recording is all you need, flight path, altitudes, pilot instructions etc. It is fitted with a GPS unit giving live positioning at all times. One can fly it manually, on line and off line. One can programme way points on a geo map for autonomous flying.

Flight time is currently 25 minutes and distance 2.5km radius. Altitude capability tested in the Alps is 10 000ft above sea level. Only one person is required to operate this unit. It weighs only 1.6kg and the whole kit approximately 8kg. This is an ‘all-weather’ RPAS and as such is not limited by rain or wind like most other RPAS’s.

It is a small, compact and easy to use way of gathering video footage and surveillance quickly and with almost no sound. The video is streamed live and is recorded on a micro SD card. The UAV can be pointed at a target (lock on) and fly around the target until the pilot believes that that target is no longer a point of interest. The ruggedised computer is touch screen and all info is streamed live to the computer. The UAV is covered with £6M third party insurance (Included in purchase price by the manufacturer). No other UAV available in South Africa is currently insurable in RSA. A log book has to be maintained for the insurance purposes. A pilot need not have flown a radio controlled vehicle before to be able to fly this UAV.



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