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PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Expedition (10,500mAh)

PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Expedition (10,500mAh)

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The PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Expedition is ideal for any hardcore survivalist and explorer, who needs to keep their gear up to date and in working order. The PowerMonkey is hardy, light, compact and waterproof making sure it can withstand the harsh conditions alongside you.

The PowerMonkey is able to charge in four ways and is unique in its ability to charge via solar and wind power simulatneously. The handcrank also ensures that when the weather can't help, you can still access your technology to keep you alive and well. The battery is able to be fully recharged in 5-8hours and is backwards compatible with tech making sure that it can charge any essential that you take along with you. The legs for the item can also be anchored into the ground during complex conditions so you can still power your gear if you get into a tight spot. With this item, a survivalist no longer has to worry about life and death situations, as the PowerMonkey ensures their kit is fully functional all of the time.

  • 10,500mAh internal battery
  • The primary power generation options are hand-powered crank, solar and AC mains.
  • The supplementary power options include wind and water power, which are in the final stages of R&D and will be available as upgrades later this year.
  • Its revolutionary design allows you to generate power via solar and wind simultaneously
  • Recharge of the PowerMonkey Expedition in 5-8 hours in optimum conditions



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