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Remote Pilot License - Single Rating Short Course

  • R 21,885.00

Please note: The Short Course is only for persons with an existing SACAA accreditation (PPL or CPL). If you do not have any existing SACAA accreditation, you will be required to attend the Full Course.

Always wanted to get your RPL license? Here's your chance!

United Drone Holdings now offer RPL training in both Johannesburg and Durban!

This course consists of two sections, theory and practical. The theory takes place over seven days covering topics such as Air law, Human performance, Meteorology, Navigation, Radio links, Construction and Flight, Battery procedures, restricted radio telephony and English proficiency. Followed by each subject, there will be a multiple choice test (pass rate : 75%).

If you are already SACAA accredited (PPL & CPL pilots), then you will be exempted from the courses from Day 1 - 4 since it has already been covered. You can thus attend from Day 5.  Theory classes take place at Hanger #25 Eagle's Creek Aviation Estate in Tshwane or at the BAC Helicopters Facility in Durban.

The practical course runs for five days plus a day for the DFE (Designated Flight Examiner) test. Practical training takes place at Hanger #25 Eagle's Creek Aviation Estate in Tshwane or at the BAC Helicopters Facility in Durban.

Check this PDF for more information!

This single rating licence allows you to choose between either the fixed-wing or multirotor. 

If you're still wanting to get familiar with your drone, take a look at this Introductory Course.


Theory Practical
(Single Rating)
(Dual Rating)
11 Sep – 19 Sep 2017 04 Sep – 08 Sep 2017 20 Sep – 2 Oct 2017
  26 Sept – 02 Oct 2017  
9 Oct – 17 Oct 2017 16 Oct – 20 Oct 2017 18 Oct -27 Oct 2017
  23 Oct – 27 Oct 2017  
  06 Nov – 13 Nov 2017  
6 Nov – 14 Nov 2017 20 Nov -27 Nov 2017 15 Nov- 24 Nov 2017
  27 Nov – 03 Dec 2017 06 Dec – 15 Dec 2017
27 Nov – 5 Dec 2017 10 Dec – 17 Dec 2017  

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