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Samsung Evo Plus 64Gb MicroSDHC - 80mbs

Samsung Evo Plus 64Gb MicroSDHC - 80mbs
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The Samsung Evo 64Gb MicroSDHC Card is Samsung's new high quality 48mb/second memory card designed specifically to be used with high use devices like tablets, smartphones and Full HD cameras. These cards are Ultra-High-Speed (UHS-1) enabled which means that this card will save your images or video twice as fast as normal memory cards which is really useful when using the photo-burst mode on a GoPro or other action camera. 

The transfer speed of 48 megabytes per second also means that you'll be able to transfer your photos and videos to your computer twice as fast. You'll be able to transfer up to 360 photos per minute! The SD card adapter is included for downloading files through a SD card reader port. 

This 64Gb card has the ability to save up to 37,270 photos or 1,110 minutes of video. If you're using this on a smart device then this would equate to 14,990 songs or a stack load of apps and media files. 

  • Waterproof - can survive up to 24hrs in sea water
  • Temperature-proof - from minus 25 to 85 degrees Celsius 
  • X-Ray proof - it won't be destroyed when going through airport security 
  • Magnet proof - most other memory cards would be corrupted by intense magnetic forces 

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