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TomTom Runner 3 Cardio + Music + Headphones

TomTom Runner 3 Cardio + Music + Headphones

  • R 4,999.00

The TomTom Runner 3 Cardio and Music and Headphones includes a sports watch with storage of upto 3GB (>500 songs) and Tom Tom Sports Bluetooth Headphones.

These amazing headphones are resistant to sweat and weather allowing you to continue training no matter the weather! They have an incredible battery life of upto 6 hours and can pair to both your watch and your phone allowing you to receive phone calls while listening to music. The sports watch comes complete with GPS tracking and multi-sport modes allowing you to track a variety of different sports. 24/7 activity tracking allows you to capture your steps, active minutes, and calories burned throughout the day.

Sync your watch wirelessly with your favourite apps and share your results with your friends with this incredible sports watch. With a battery life of upto 11 hours and water resistance of upto 40m, this watch is your best companion for every training session! Enjoy route exploration which will ensure that you always find your way back home regardless of your new route. Additionally the Runner 3 Cardio and Music comes with a built-in heart rate monitor which measures the heat rate at your wrist and allows you to train in 5 different heart rate zones for faster results! Lastly this sports watch has a storage of upto 3GB (>500 songs) for your favourite training songs. 

  • Display resolution: 144x168
  • Display size: 22x25 mm
  • Wrist Size: 145-206 mm
  • Battery lifetime: Activity tracking: up to 3 weeks, GPS: up to 11 hours
  • Thickness: 13.7 mm
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Waterproofing: 40 m
  • Sensors (internal): Motion sensor (accelerometer + gyro), compass
  • Sensor (wireless): Bluetooth® Smart
  • Storage: 3 GB
  • Audio Format: MP3 and AAC formats
  • Headphone support: High quality audio via A2DP and AVRC profiles.

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