FlameStower – Stick into a fire, charge your phone.

It’s a Wednesday night and you’re about to charge your phone, boom power goes off. What are your options? Limited. You have a solar charger but no sun means no power.

That’s where the FlameStower comes in. This is the crazy device that actually lets you use an open fire to charge your phone. Yes that’s right, an open fire. The FlameStower is the genius brainchild of partners Andrew Byrnes and Adam Kell. They with the help of crowd-funding site kick-starter, they are on the brink of releasing their FlameStower product to the market.

Andrew and Adam in the early stages of the product.

What the FlameStower allows you to do is to charges any USB chargeable device such as a smartphone, using just a flame from an open fire. How this works is, a small sized metal blade on the side of the device is place in very close proximity to a flame. As the blade gets hotter, the heat energy is sent down the blade to the other end which is immersed in a small container full of water. This in turn allows the other side of the blade to remain cool. This mixture of hot and cold creates a chemical reaction which in turn creates electricity.

This not only offers a solution for your little power outage problem but also or having electric access in a camping situation. I would recommend not relying on FlameStower too much in the bush as it the power output is geared at smaller, low power devices.

The device itself is very very compact which works for and against it. The compact size lets you easily fit it in your pocket or bag. The short blade means heat is transferred much faster for conversion.

The FlameStower is a safe gadget (although not recommended for kids under 16) does not add heat to the handle or holding areas. The benefit of using flame instead of solar power is that the FlameStower can be used in both daylight and at night.


The makers of The FlameStower have also set aside a development fund for underprivileged young inventors and creators in Kenya. All funds generated from the high level start up funders will go to buying manufacturing equipment and tools for a new innovation center being built in Kenya.  

Key Features

  • Compact design
  • Can be used day or night
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Flexibity of heat sources e.g. open fire, gas flame, and candle.
  • Can charge any USB powered devices ie smartphones and GPS.

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