Garmin Announces New Action Camera

All rumours of Garmin releasing its first action camera have been proved true. Garmin have released a 1080p HD capture, GPS enabled action camera called The Garmin Virb. But with the action camera market already flooded with a wide range of devices, what are Garmin putting on the table? And what makes this camera so special?

The possible combination of Garmin’s industry leading GPS technology with an HD action cam release, was already a sweet thought for consumers when rumors started off earlier this year. All in all, does the Virb live up to the hype?

Yesterday (20/08/12), Garmin International announced that The Virb and Its Virb Elite model would be rolling out to retailers.

“Action cameras are growing rapidly in popularity, and VIRB has some game-changing key features—like a color display, extended battery life, optional GPS and compatibility with existing Garmin products—that set it apart from other cameras on the market,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales.

The Virb itself features a rugged, waterproof casing design that needs no waterproof case like a large set of other action cams on the market. Although, it can only be used one metre underwater and so an optional dive case allows the Virb to be used 50m underwater. It’s easy to tell that the Garmin Virb is designed with the outdoor rugged adventure look in mind.

Garmin Virb

Garmin is set on adding ‘game changing’ features onto the Virb and starts of with a Chroma Key display for video preview and playback. This display uses direct sunlight to light the screen instead of being backlit which does wonders for battery life. The battery in particular is a class 2ooomAh rechargeable Lithuimion that lasts an incredible 3 hours, giving long 1080p HD recording ability.

It also comes complete with image stabilisation technology and wide angle lens.

Garmin has passed on its navigation feature experience on by introducing accelerometer, altimeter and high sensitivity GPS technology to the Virb Elite model. Ant + connectivity allows the user to inter-connect the Virb to other Garmin devices like its cycling computers, finess/sport systems and GPS navigators for added functionality. Added Wi-Fi on the Elite lets you control the Virb remotely from the your smartphone.

Garmin Virb Elite

A wonderful feature is the ski mode setting that recognises when the user is going up a ski lift and when the user is actually snowboarding down a mountain side and so automatically stops and starts recording when needed. Awesome right?


The cam also adds great mounting functionality with a range of suction and bolt down mounts available from Garmin.

With all these added features, Garmin is set to unleash a full assault on marketing the Virb and Virb Elite action cameras with retail prices in the US market at around $299 for Virb MRP and $399 Virb Elite MRP.


Garmin's brand new Virb Action Camera.


  • 1.4 inch display.
  • 2000 mAh battery.
  • Still image capture.
  • Waterproof casing.
  • ANT+  Wireless connectivity.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • 16MP CMOS Sensor.
  • 1080p HD video recording.

The Garmin Virb and Virb Elite, coming soon to Action Gear.

Are you excited about Garmin's new cam or is it just another camera cometing oth GoPro?

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