GoPro Hero 3 VS GoPro Hero 3 + (Head to head comparison.)

GoPro Hero 3 VS GoPro Hero 3 + head to head comparison.

With GoPro unveiling the new Hero 3 +, a lot of our their local fan base have been searching high and low for specs, prices and availability.

We as Action Gear are very excited about bringing it down here as from 31st October. Here is a quick breakdown of the key specs between the two black editions.


GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition

GoPro Hero 3 + Black Edition

Battery Life*

+- 1h 37m

+- 2h 02m


1050mAh LiPo Rechargeable

1180mAh LiPo Rechargeable

Underwater Housing

Waterproof down to 60M.

Waterproof down to 30M.

Larger buttons

Skin-tight, non-rattling fit.

Mic Placement

Side Placement (Left and Right)

Top and bottom placement.




Extra Improvements.


Improved WiFi Live View lag

Sharper Images

Improved Audio.

SuperView Mode, allowing a taller and wider video size.


Firmware Update

USB Link to PC for update.

Update between GoPro App and Hero 3 +


Side By Side View of the Hero 3 (Left) and Hero 3 + (Right)

Underwater Housings of the Hero 3 (Left) and Hero 3 + (Right)















 SuperView (Left)

Minor improvements, with a bigger impact, for easier and more professional use. Action Gear will give 1st announcement of its availability in South Africa. The Hero 3 + will officially be made available on our online retail store from the 1st of November. Preference will be given to pre orders, so make sure you order yours quickly to avoid disappointment.

Visit the Action Gear home page for full specs of the GoPro Hero 3.


*Shooting at 1080p/24fps.

As with previous GoPro launches stock coming into South Africa will be limited. Email to be added to the waiting list so we can keep you informed of arrival dates and availability. We have also opened up pre-orders so that our customers who know that they want the new Hero 3+ camera can go ahead and place their order now to secure theirs. To place a pre-order follow this link to the GoPro Hero 3+ page