GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition Launched!

Update Novemebr 2014 - The GoPro Hero 4 camera has now been launched. Click the following links to read about each of the GoPro 4 models which have been released: 


Hot on the heels of their last release of the Hero 3 +, GoPro International has released the new GoPro Hero 4. The new Hero 4 now has a few new features that the worldwide GoPro fan base will find very interesting.

What is NEW to the GoPro Hero 4?

4K at 30fps &1080 at 120fps

With the original Hero 3+ Black Edition having 4k video resolution, GoPro have bumped up 4K to now shoot at 60 frames per second. Clearly moving into cinema quality territory, this is a major step up from the 15fps of the Hero 3+ black.

On-board LCD Touch Screen

One of the major gripes GoPro fans had with the Hero 3+ Black was the lack of a built in screen. Now the brand new Hero 4 has a build touch LCD display similar to the LCD BacPac.

Ambarella a9 Chip

Following a few GoPro rumors earlier this year, it is conformed that the new GoPro Hero 4 will have an Ambarella a9 Chip. The new chip will allow for 700mps over sampling performance and added Multi HDR exposure, similar to the HDR on an iPhone 5s.

New Features included in the GoPro 4:

4k Ultra h.264 Encoder

1080 at 120fps

720 @240 fps

700Mpixels/s over sampling

Multi –exposure HDR

Quick upload to social media

Wi-Fi internet connectivity


If you want to place your order for the GoPro Hero 4 then you will actually have to wait until the proper launch as you've been caught by an April Fool’s joke :) 

We have no idea if GoPro Hero 4 is expecting to launch another model and we're not sure what the specs of that camera may be. In the meantime though the Hero 3+ is still their top of the range camera and we are offering some incredible deals on this. Check out our deals on the Hero 3+ cameras or contact us for more info.