Hexo+, fully autonomous drone.

The Hexo+ is a nifty little multi-award winning self-flying camera. Giving the Lily some competition, the autonomous Hexo+ sprung its way from the minds Xavier de le Rue, Matthieu Giraud and the rest of their team, who have a background in sports, movie making and being awesome.

Hexo+ Logo

Winner of the iPhone Life, VideoMaker and Envisioneering Showstopper prizes at CES 2015. Hexo+ is a ready to fly fully autonomous drone.


Select, capture and share!

I’m a huge fan of innovative kickstarter campaigns like the solar sail and other big ideas, the Hexo team have made their mark, and I hope to see them follow through. With over 2300 backers supporting its crowd funding campaign and over $1.3 Million in pre-orders, Hexo+ made it into the top 20 most successful kickstarter campaigns.

Just a few quick clicks with an app I really like the look of, it tracks and films the subject without you having to do a thing. As your chosen subject continues to move, the Hexo+ follows to provide you with continuous footage of the action. Yes this sounds like the Lily, but taking things from a different angle its Hollywood style focus and an app with UI that really makes a difference, the Hexo+ brings a new trend to the game.

Hexo+ App

Hexo+ aims to radically change the way footage is captured and action sports is documented, with a unique tracking system and camera movement library, making Hollywood style shots accessible to those lacking professional experience.

HEXO+ seems incredibly easy to set up, simply using your smartphone to set it on whatever path you choose, then you get to focus solely on the action and adventure. This simple, hands-free recording means you get to let your creativity loose.


Autonomous and smart

Completely autonomous flight and guaranteed framing. Hexo+ autonomously tracks you and makes sure you’re in the shot. You can choose to capture yourself in action from any angle, close up or far away. Leaving you to enjoy the important stuff, hand-free.

Super simple to use throughout

Hexo+ is about a smooth and simple experience. From setting up your shoot, to automatic take-off and landing. Reviewing, editing and sharing footage online, every step has been thoughtfully designed to make sure filming is fun.

Fast flight Speed

This autonomous drone tracks, follows and films subjects at up to 70km/h, and in ridiculously high quality. Being a GoPro Hero 4 ready drone, you can shoot 4k video. The Hexacopter design, has 30 degree tilt propellers and weighs just under 1Kg.

Video Capturing

Their latest and final production prototype, boasts to be more efficient, more stable and more responsive, with better access to the battery. As stated in the video, they’ve moved the camera upfront for a larger unobstructed angle, with a 3 Axis gimbal for better image stabilisation.

Panoramic shots, aerial traveling and an array of simple to choose camera movements. Great options for camera movement means amazing footage without a pilot. You get to set how you want Hexo+ to fly and track you to create epic shots of the action. All with an easy to use app facilitating the process, select a few options and get moving.


App and software

It comes with a Director’s Toolkit, which offers combinable camera movements and drag and drop features. Instant social sharing means that you can select your camera movements from the app, capture great ready to watch footage and share it online right there and then.

Hexo+ AppHexo+ AppHexo+ App

Flight time and distance

With a flight time of only 15 minutes while using the gimbal, GoPro and a 3S battery attached. You can always purchase extra batteries to extend the flight time. Apparently the drone can fly up to 2km from the GPS, but remember to be knowledgeable of our local drone regulations.



Xavier De Le Rue, big mountain legend, multiple times free ride world champion, explorer and HEXO+ co-founder explains “As a rider and film-maker, I wanted to capture myself in action from a bird’s view, but getting a helicopter or a crew to pilot a drone following me is expensive and cumbersome. HEXO+ is the perfect rider’s companion to make amazing footage from above without a pilot”.

The Hexo+ has a public release date in September 2015, which means it’s arriving slightly sooner than the Lily which hopes to arrive Feb 2016. These drones are not far away, next year proves to be a year to look forward to, with tons of innovation both public and sports based.

I feel in the end, the simplicity of use that can only be gauged by flying these POV autonomous drones will truly judge the quality and value between each drone in this new market. There will be more competitors coming to the game as time goes by, each adding something new.

The early bird catches the worm, the second mouse gets the cheese.

Coming soon will be a comparison of the Lily and Hexo+.

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