Hitcase Pro Review

Due to to the iPhone 5’s stunning camera quality, there is a strong trend of people using the smartphone to capture video at a semi-professional level. From shooting full length feature films to using there to shoot HD quality video underwater, users are finding ways of getting the most out of their little Apple gadget.

One of the most interesting ways to shoot, is by turning your into an action camera, similar to a GoPro Hero + or Drift Ghost S. How does one do this? Simply toss your iPhone 5 into the 2014 Hitcase Pro.

Imagine being about to use your iPhone 5 as an fully functioning action cam. Imagine shooting video while ripping down the side of a dusty mountain or white river rafting along the Umkomaas river. Now you can with the Hitcase Pro’s innovative housing and lens package.  Unique in design, it allows your iPhone to be enclosed into its 10M waterproof casing, which will keep the phone one hundred percent safe and dry. It uses a patented H sealing which is quality tested to be 3Xs more reliable than the traditional single O ring seal used by other waterproof phone cases. The touch screen capabilities of your iPhone are also fully available, with the Hitcase Pro’s touch sensitive film which lays over the cases’ front. Pulling your iPhone in an out is made hassle free using a quick latch design that has been stress tested with over 1000 open and close motions.


For mounting out of water, the Hitcase Pro can be mounted onto any flat surfaces such as helmets via the flat ‘Spider’ adhesive mount included in the box. For GoPro Hero camera users, the package also includes a GoPro mount adapter for use on any GoPro mount system. The 2m shockproof case also withstands any minor bumps and drops.

An extra feature that you may not find on other iPhone action cases is the Precision wide angle lens, which creates a much wider frame than the original iPhone iSight camera. This will recreate the look and feel of video synonymous with mainstream action cameras.

The Hitcase Pro is a unique accessory for anyone looking to maximise the use of an IPhone 5/S video abilities. Its safe, secure enclosure; quality, glass wide angle lens and GoPro accessory capability make the Hitcase Pro a winner.

Action Gear Rating – 4 ½ gears