Sony Smartwatch 2 VS Samsung Galaxy Gear

Local interest in smartwatches has increased since the recent launch of the Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch.  South Africans are looking to jump on the latest smart technology band wagon.

With the smartwatch market yet to reach its full potential, here is a head to head comparison of the Galaxy Gear and the Sony Smartwatch 2, two of the front runners in this emerging tech market.



Sony Smartwatch 2

Samsung Galaxy Gear


1.6 inch 220 x 176 Touchscreen

5:4 aspect ratio

1.6 inch, 320 x 320 Super AMOLED Touchscreen

1:1 aspect ration



Stainless Steel.


Bluetooth 3.0, NFC

Bluetooth 4.0



1.9 MP


200MHz ARM Cortex M3

800mHz Exynos Single core

Smartphone Support.

Galaxy Devices.

Android 4.0 and up.

Battery Life.

3-4 days.*

1 day.*


Water Resistant.

HD Recording. 4GB storage.

*Manufacturer claims.

Sony Smartwatch 2 

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Based on pure specs, the Galaxy Gear seems to be more featured packed than the Smartwatch 2. It appears to be leading the way in wrist based technology, based on its uniqueness and innovation. The Gear does have its weaknesses thought. The battery life on the device is a let-down compared to rival watches and offers about 25 hours of regular use.

The Smartwatch 2 offers more battery life, interchangeable wrist straps and is priced lower than the Gear. Unlike the other smartwatches, The Sony’s is not a 1st generation product meaning with its 2nd model, they have had the time to work out bugs and kinks in its software. It also supports a wider variety of smartphones than the Gear, letting the user use any device running Android 4.0 and up to operate the watch.

Both have mobile app compatibility with the Gear having great apps out of the box. Wrist based versions of popular apps like Path, Evernote, Pocket and Glympse come standard on the Gear. 

These two brilliant watches may even tap into the world of fitness watches with the possibe range of ecxercise apps and the Gear's added use of an accelerometer. Yet to offer full stand alone capabilities, see the Sony Smartwatch 2 and The Samsung Galaxy Gear as smartphone companions rather than smartphone alternatives.