Bike Computers for the 94.7 Cycle Challenge

It’s that time of the year, when cyclist get geared up for the 94.7 Momentum Cycle Challenge. With a new venue, new routes and revised distances, the event promises even more dirt, mud and fun than ever before. That’s why we’ve decided to showcase you the latest bike computers to assist you in your journey.

Don't forget to read the Gear tip from Action Gear MD, Warrick Kernes at the end of the article!


Let’s start off with the ultimate sports watch for cycling!

With the launch of the new Suunto Ambit3 Sport refined in its ability to track your performance, whilst keeping you connected with the social media world. Using your iPhone, you can record, photograph and share your fantastic experiences while training to become a better you. The SUUNTO AMBIT3 Sport White HR is waterproof, light and comfortable to wear, with a great and clear display making training and logging your moves a whole lot easier with 25 hours battery life!




The Bryton Cardio 60H is a champion multi-sports watch that is ideal for any type of athlete and perfect for triathletes. The Cardio 60H is waterproof, durable and light to wear, with its GPS tracking making it ideal for any situation. It has a built in stride sensor and comes with a heart rate monitor to assist in keeping track of your progress. The Bryton Cardio 60H comes with pre-programmed workouts and tests to help you in pushing on to be better. The Bryton Cardio 60H is a must have for any versatile athlete that wants to train smart.



Bike Computers for the 94.7 Cycle Race

We stock a whole range of various brands starting at R240.00


I want the cheapest option

The Blackburn Atom SL Cyclometer is a fantastic value for money bike computer. The Atom SL does everything you need a bike computer to do as it gives your speed (average, current, & max), the distance you've ridden, and how long you've been out for. It comes with mounting for the handlebar or stem. 

The Blackburn Atom SL has a wired connection from the computer to the sensor on the front wheel. It has a thin lightweight design (just 43 grams). It also has a 24hr clock. The odometer will tell you the single distance measurement as well as the total distance you've travelled with this computer. 

The Sigma BC 12.12 Wired Bike Computer is Sigma's best priced bike computer and it includes some great features. It has automatic start/stop and can tell you how much fuel you would have used if you had driven the distance which you did on your bike. It does have a manual start/stop if you would prefer and it's display will tell you speed (max, ave, current), time (ride time, clock, total time) and temperature. 


I want it wireless and cheap

The Blackburn Atom SL 3.0 Cyclometer is the best value wireless bike computer available. The Atom SL does everything you need a bike computer to do as it gives your speed (average, current, & max), the distance you've ridden, and how long you've been out for. It comes with mounting for the handlebar or stem. Colour: Black. 


I want it wireless; specifically for mountain biking...and cheap

The Blackburn Atom SL 5.0 Cyclometer is a thin and lightweight wireless bike computer. Additional to all the features you would expect (distance, speed, time) is also has a barometric altimeter for ascent/ decent, slope & altitude gain. It also has a temperature sensor and a clever feature which can project your finish time. Colour options: Black or White. 


I want a bike computer and running watch

The Sigma ROX 5.0 is a wireless bike computer which can also be used a running watch with the included wrist strap. The ROX 5.0 lets you monitor your heart rate via the included HR Belt. Thecadence sensor which is also included lets you see your average and real time cadence while on the bike. 

In the box you'll receive the STS Wireless Speed Sensor which records current, average and maximum speeds. You also get the cadence sensor and heart rate monitor mentioned above, the latter of which also helps the ROX 5 to record the calories burnt during a training session and will alert you when you move from one HR zone to another. 


I want to invest in the best bike computer

Bryton Rider 60T is brilliant for any rider with its unique turn-by-turn voice guidance system via Bluetooth headset that works with the GPS making sure you never have to stop and double check your path. With the wireless Bluetooth headset, you are also able to transfer data from the device to via its interface. The Bryton Rider 60T is ahead of the game when it comes to GPS, keeping you safe and assured for both road and mountain bikers alike. Maps are pre-loaded into the Rider 60T, so just click on the country map of your choice and begin!

The Bryton Rider 60T needs no installation or activation, just switch on and go. It has multilingual settings ranging from English and German, to Italian and Portuguese and more. The Bryton Rider 60T has test and workouts preloaded to assist with training to improve your riding from every aspect. It has a real time altitude chart to help you train smart and it has 8 customisable data screens with 10 data per page. The Bryton Rider 60T is the best because of its advanced GP system.


Gear Tip from Action Gear MD, Warrick Kernes:  "When preparing for a big race, if you plan to stop at the water points to fill your bottle or to take in some nutrition then check the route profile beforehand. Write down the distance of each water point and then selotape this to the cross bar on your bike's frame. The selotape waterproofs it from your sweat. As you ride you can use the distance on your bike computer to know where you are and how far it is to the next water point. Use this to manage your nutrition and make sure that you have high energy levels throughout the race."


Good Luck!