Read Camping for the first time - part 1

On our last blog post, we found out which spots and areas were the best for camping, now this time around we look at essential things to take with you.

 Items to take with you on your camping trip:


If you’re going to be hiking or walking long distances, then a backpack is essential. Handy to have if you’re are going to want to have food, water, extra clothes and small items of gear along with you on the move.

Waterproof matches.

The last thing that you need on a camping trip is to find out that your matches have been soaked after crossing the local river. Waterproof matches are coated in special flammable, water resistant material that allow them to be immersed in water for short periods of time.


Rain Coat.

Pack a rain to prepare you for any unexpected meetings with nasty weather.


Army Knife.

A handy bugger for cutting ropes and chopping veggies and opening cans.


Map/Compass and GPS.

When out in unfamiliar outdoor areas, you will defiantly need something to give you a sense of direction when you’re out here. Using a map to pre-plan your trip will help you worry less about finding your way and worry more about having a great time.  Have a map also as a back for any of your GPS devices that may fail.

A  GPS navigator is a great tool to get on demand, point by point directions. Many of today’s handheld outdoor GPS navigators have built in compasses and are specially designed to be used in off-road areas.



You’re obviously going to need to cover your head when resting so make sure you go out and get a good quality tent.



Its gets pretty dark out in rural camping areas and the fact that there are no big city lights can make some nights seem even darker than you’re used to. You will need to make use of a good light source for the night time.



Unless you like sharp rocks and hard ground on your back, a good mattress is needed. Air mattresses, stringed mattresses and camping sleepers all make good places to sleep.



Emergency Pack.

This one is very essential. In case of any injuries or poisoning, you must have an emergency pack to deal with any incidents when camping. Include plasters, gauze, wrapping tape, scissors, pain killers, diarrhea meds, anti-itch cream and tweezers on your list.


Other things you will need:

  • Access to water/portable water system, e.g. Camelback.
  • Garbage bags.
And there you have it, all you need to prepare you for your very first camping trip. Hopefully we've guided you on the best ways to make a great memory of the great out doors.

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