How To Choose the Right Heart Rate Monitor for you.

Heart-rate monitoring (HR) watches are a technology that’s been with South African fitness fanatics for a long time now. Yet, there is still a world of people yet to embrace the innovation. These type of watches normally have a an installed device that monitores pulse by using a direct to chest strap or a wrist sensor within the watch.

Expense, non tech mindedness and improvement of other modern technologies, can be seen as possible reasons for not getting one. LuckLy, your frineds at Action Gear (no thanks neccesary) have put together a simple quick guide on how to choose the right HR watch for you.

Choose a watch that has all the features you want.

Today’s HR watches are feature packed so try to select the ones that have only the feature you need. Check out the specs online and talk to the sales person at the store that you are about to buy from. Some feature to look out for: Calorie Counter, Recovery Heart rate Mode, Speed and distance counter, Stopwatch and Heart Rate Target Zone.

Choose a watch that you will be able to easily use.

A lot of the more expensive watches are geared at runners who have some experience using them and understand the jargon that comes with them. Make sure that you choose a watch that suits your level of understating. A simple user interface is key here.

Choose one that suits your budget.

HR Watches range in price. Don’t over pay for a watch if you’re not going to be using most of its features.

Use your heart rate monitor in conjunction with a fitness book about heart rates.

Reading books on heart rates and target zones will help you learn how to understand readings and what they mean about your specific body. Here is a great ebook on that very subject. (HeartRate Training).

Beginner Range HR Watches: Garmin 310XT, Runtastic GPS Watch

MId Range HR Watches: Suunto Ambit 2S

High Performance HR Watches: Suunto Ambit 2 Sapphire HR