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Activity Trackers

Track your health and wellness with our range of Activity Trackers from big brands like Garmin, Polar and more. There are various models to choose from so you can just track your steps or you can have your heart rate continually measured, assess the quality of your sleep and they can even tell you if you're getting sick. Shop below to buy activity trackers online right here in South Africa.

Garmin Vivoactive HR

R 4,999.00
Discovery Miles: 49990 eBucks: 49990

Polar A300

R 1,795.00
Discovery Miles: 17950 eBucks: 17950

Polar A300 HR

R 2,395.00
Discovery Miles: 23950 eBucks: 23950

Polar A360

R 3,295.00
Discovery Miles: 32950 eBucks: 32950

Polar Loop 2

R 1,995.00
Discovery Miles: 19950 eBucks: 19950

Polar M200

R 2,495.00
Discovery Miles: 24950 eBucks: 24950

Polar M600

R 6,495.00
Discovery Miles: 64950 eBucks: 64950

TomTom Touch (Cardio and Body Composition)

R 1,999.00
Discovery Miles: 19990 eBucks: 19990


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