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DJI Drones

DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

R 25,499.00
Discovery Miles: 254990 eBucks: 254990

DJI Spark Fly More Combo

R 13,899.00
Discovery Miles: 138990 eBucks: 138990

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

R 30,499.00
Discovery Miles: 304990 eBucks: 304990

DJI Mavic Pro

R 19,899.00
Discovery Miles: 198990 eBucks: 198990

DJI Spark

R 7,999.00 R 8,699.00
Discovery Miles: 79990 eBucks: 79990
Save R 700

DJI Phantom 4 Pro (+ 2 Spare Batteries)

R 37,199.00
Discovery Miles: 371990 eBucks: 371990

DJI Phantom 4 Pro +

R 36,999.00
Discovery Miles: 369990 eBucks: 369990

DJI Phantom 3 Standard

R 9,699.00
Discovery Miles: 96990 eBucks: 96990

DJI Inspire 1 V2.0

R 39,499.00 R 57,110.00
Discovery Miles: 394990 eBucks: 394990
Save R 17,611

DJI Inspire 2

R 60,099.00
Discovery Miles: 600990 eBucks: 600990

Action Cameras

GoPro Hero 5 Black (with Bundle Options)

R 6,999.00 R 7,999.00
Discovery Miles: 69990 eBucks: 69990
Save R 1,000

GoPro Hero Session

R 2,999.00 R 3,999.00
Discovery Miles: 29990 eBucks: 29990
Save R 1,000

GoPro Hero5 Session

R 5,499.00 R 5,999.00
Discovery Miles: 54990 eBucks: 54990
Save R 500

360Fly 4k

R 9,999.00
Discovery Miles: 99990 eBucks: 99990

360Fly HD

R 5,999.00 R 8,999.00
Discovery Miles: 59990 eBucks: 59990
Save R 3,000

DJI Drone Accessories

XX Camera Lock for DJI Spark

R 199.00
Discovery Miles: 1990 eBucks: 1990

XX Carry Case for DJI Spark

R 799.00
Discovery Miles: 7990 eBucks: 7990

XX Screen and Lens Protectors for DJI Mavic

R 205.00
Discovery Miles: 2050 eBucks: 2050

Handheld Gimbal Bracket for DJI Spark

R 399.00
Discovery Miles: 3990 eBucks: 3990

Handheld Gimbal Bracket for DJI Mavic

R 399.00
Discovery Miles: 3990 eBucks: 3990

GoPro Accessories

GoPro Battery BacPac Extension Cable

R 745.00
Discovery Miles: 7450 eBucks: 7450

GoPro Car Charger

R 545.00
Discovery Miles: 5450 eBucks: 5450

GoPro Casey

R 895.00
Discovery Miles: 8950 eBucks: 8950

GoPro Chesty

R 745.00
Discovery Miles: 7450 eBucks: 7450

GoPro Dual Hero System Lens Replacement Kit

R 385.00 R 545.00
Discovery Miles: 3850 eBucks: 3850
Save R 160

GoPro Gooseneck

R 395.00
Discovery Miles: 3950 eBucks: 3950

GoPro Grab Bag 2

R 399.00
Discovery Miles: 3990 eBucks: 3990

GoPro Gun / Rod / Bow Mount

R 1,449.00
Discovery Miles: 14490 eBucks: 14490

GoPro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount

R 549.00
Discovery Miles: 5490 eBucks: 5490

GoPro Handler (Floating Hand Grip)

R 545.00
Discovery Miles: 5450 eBucks: 5450

Benefits of Selecting Action Gear as your Drone Partner

Buying a drone is not just about searching shop to shop for the best possible deal, this is the foundation of an ongoing partnership. You're not buying a box of cereal here, you're investing in a wonderful piece of technology and you're going to need great advice before your purchase, help with selecting the best accessories for you to get what you want from the drone, and you're certainly going to need post-purchase support when you're learning to fly or if you need servicing, maintenance and repairs once you start using your new drone.

Free courier delivery in South Africa

About Action Gear

Action Gear is South Africa's leading online outdoor gear expert. When we started in 2010 we were the first people in SA to bring in the GoPro cameras and we were also one of the first to start selling the DJI Phantom drones online in South Africa. We've been doing this for a long time and we absolutely love it! Action Gear started off as a lifestyle business with big ambitions; we wanted to play with the awesome gear that we sell and we wanted to grow it into a sustainable business. Some of the awards which we won over the years make us think that we're doing something right. 

Our office is full of outdoor enthusiasts who mountain bike, ride GS'ers, trail run, sky dive, downhill MTB and more. We're not your average eCommerce company as we are super passionate about the stuff we sell because we want to use it ourselves. Each Friday there's a dash to shotgun any available demo GoPro's, drones, GPS sports watches or anything else available. 

We're blessed to be in a line of work were we sell cool stuff to cool people - yes that's you! Our customers are more often than not people just like us who are excited about new tech and how they can use it to get more joy from the outdoor activities which they love! That is what makes us get up each morning and we just love it! 

If you're in the market for any sort of drone, a GoPro type action camera, GPS sports watch or helmet comms or just about any outdoor electronic then you've come to the right place. Some of our top brands which we sell online include: DJI drones, GoPro camera, 360 Fly 360 degree cameras, Drift action cams, Parrot drones, Sena helmet communications, Power Traveller power banks, 3rd party GoPro accessories and all the leading Sport Watch brands like Garmin, Suunto, Polar and TomTom.

Welcome to Action Gear. We look forward to making your adventure more awesome! 



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