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Gimbals and Stabilizers

Shop for Gimbals for the best camera stabilisation technology and you will get the perfect, smooth photo with your camera. We stock a range of Gimbals and Stabilizers suitable for your every need, whether you are a professional cinematographer looking for the perfect smooth shot, a tach-savvy film producer who knows how to get the best out of an iPhone using nothing but a Feiyutech Gimbal or a film student with a limited budget. You can find the right gimbal and accessories here!

DJI OSMO Pro Combo

R 39,699.00
Discovery Miles: 396990 eBucks: 396990

GoPro Karma Grip

R 5,999.00
Discovery Miles: 59990 eBucks: 59990

DJI Zenmuse X4S

R 12,199.00
Discovery Miles: 121990 eBucks: 121990

DJI Zenmuse X5S

R 39,499.00
Discovery Miles: 394990 eBucks: 394990

DJI Osmo +

R 12,999.00
Discovery Miles: 129990 eBucks: 129990

DJI Osmo Mobile

R 5,899.00
Discovery Miles: 58990 eBucks: 58990

Wenpod MD2 Studio Stabilizer

R 49,999.00
Discovery Miles: 499990 eBucks: 499990

Wenpod GP1+ Stabilizer for GoPro

R 6,999.00
Discovery Miles: 69990 eBucks: 69990

Wenpod SP1+ Stabilizer for Smartphones

R 4,999.00
Discovery Miles: 49990 eBucks: 49990

Wenpod X1 Wearable Stabilizer

R 2,999.00
Discovery Miles: 29990 eBucks: 29990

DJI Ronin

R 35,699.00
Discovery Miles: 356990 eBucks: 356990

DJI Osmo

R 11,350.00
Discovery Miles: 113500 eBucks: 113500

DJI Phantom 3 4K Camera

R 11,499.00
Discovery Miles: 114990 eBucks: 114990

DJI Ronin-M 3 Axis Stabilised Compact Handheld Gimbal System with Remote

R 16,999.00
Discovery Miles: 169990 eBucks: 169990


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