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      Who won the #EasterEggHunt & where were the eggs hidden?

      Who won the #EasterEggHunt & where were the eggs hidden?

      Written by Bernice vd Westhuizen

      Closure on the #EasterEggHunt

      We ran an #EasterEggHunt competition between 11 - 18 April, the prize was a GDome. You can read more about the competition here. To everyone who participated - thank you! We've certainly had a blast.

      We understand that you might be curious about a few things, so if you want to know where the eggs were hidden, who won the competition or how many eggs they found ... keep scrolling! 

       Just a quick recap, this is what they look like:

      The different colour eggs had different points allocated to them. In total you could gather 20 eggs equaling a total of 200 points. 


      So, who won this competition?

      WHO WON! & how many did they get!

      Drum roll please.... The winner is Bradley van der Westhuizen! Scroll down to see his score, how he found the eggs and what he plans to do with the GDome.

      You can also click here to see where the eggs were hidden

      So what was the winning score?

      • 185 / 200 points
      • 17 / 20 Eggs (7/10 blue eggs, 5/5 pink eggs, 5/5 yellow eggs).

      What did you think about the competition?

      I thought it was a fantastic idea for a competition! The fact that there was more than one egg to find and one had to look for them on different platforms (like social media, website, newsletter, etc) made it a real challenge. It was loads of fun and I hope to see more competitions like this from Action Gear.

      What was your strategy for this hunt?

      I initially started the hunt by looking at products I thought were more likely to have an egg, like the Karma, Mavic Pro, GoPro Hero 5, etc. I was right with some of those guesses and wrong with others, but I realised that the only way I was going to find them all (or most of them as it turns out) was to go through every page. I started with all the drones, then the cameras and I clicked on every link I could find.

      How much time did you spend searching for the eggs?

      I spent a good couple of hours when I first found the competition, maybe 4 or 5 hours or so. Then to find the last few eggs I spent about an hour over the long weekend. Time well spent if you ask me ;)

      What will you be doing with the GDome? / What's the first adventure you'll be using it on?

      I'm working on a travel-vlogging and travel photography/video business with my wife and we will definitely be using it a lot. The most exciting thing that we have coming up, where we will use the GDome, is on a trip to Thailand that we are planning. We will be doing some scuba diving and loads of snorkeling and I can't think of a better place to use it. Thanks to Action Gear and GDome for running such a rad competition! :)

      Where were all the Eggs hidden?

      There were a total of 20 eggs hidden, some of the website, a few in the newsletters and on social media. Here they are:

      Website (Product) Pages

      How many eggs were hidden?

      There were a total of 10 blue eggs hidden on the website - predominantly on the product pages. (Not including the blog pages).

      Please note: Some of these eggs appeared in multiple places such as the product page, collection view or on the Facebook store, they are however the same entry and can only be counted as such. 

      Where were these 10 eggs hidden? (with screenshots)

      Egg #1: Blue
      GoPro Hero 5 Black (with Bundle Options)
      Type: Product
      Placement: Landing Page Image - Water Bundle.




      Egg #2: Blue
      DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo (with Bundle Options)
      Type: Product
      Placement: Product image, second.
      Egg #3: Blue
      DJI Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery
      Type: Product
      Placement: In the text, before the "Overview"

      Egg #4: Blue
      GoPro Karma drone
      Type: Product
      Placement: In the "Overview" text.

      Egg #5: Blue
      DJI drone collection image
      Type: Home page
      Placement: The DJI Drone collection main image, visible underneath the home banners / sliders.

      Egg #6: Blue
      Type: Product
      Placement: In the text, under the 2nd tab titled "Specifications".
      Egg #7: Blue
      DJI Phantom  4 Pro
      Type: Product
      Placement: In the text, under the 2nd tab titled "Specifications".

      Egg #8: Blue
      XX Head strap
      Type: Product
      Placement: Main product image (This image was visible twice, in the collection view but also the product page. It is however the same image, either one of the entries would have been accepted.)
      Egg #9: Blue
      Home banner
      Type: Product
      Placement: On the home banner image - number 4.
      Egg #10: Blue
      Brand page
      Type: Product
      Placement: On the brand page, between Energizer & Feiyutech


      Website (Blog) pages

      How many eggs were hidden?

      There were a total of 5 pink eggs hidden on the blog pages, some on images and others through a pop-up.

      Where were these 5 eggs hidden? (with screenshots)

      Egg #11: Pink
      It's our bday month & we're giving away adventure books!
      Type: Blog
      Placement: Inside the blog, the first image.
      Egg #12: Pink
      Matrice 200 Series – Allowing drones to officially take off.
      Type: Blog
      Placement: A website pop-up in the left corner when scrolling to 40% of the page.
      Egg #13: Pink
      Taking On The Drakensberg Grand Traverse
      Type: Blog
      Placement: The feature image for "Taking On The Drakensberg Grand Traverse" which is listed on page 2 of the "Guides" section of the blog.
      Egg #14: Pink
      Adventure Race World Series [Paraguay] and our Proudly SA Team Cyanosis
      Type: Blog
      Placement: A website pop-up in the left corner when scrolling to 40% of the page.
      Egg #15: Pink
      FPV: A how-to-guide
      Type: Blog
      Placement: A website pop-up in the left corner when scrolling to 40% of the page.

      Newsletter & Social Media:

      How many eggs were hidden?

      There were 3 eggs hidden inside our newsletters, one on Facebook and one on our company Twitter page, a total of 5 eggs. All of these eggs were yellow / gold.

      Where were these 5 eggs hidden? (with screenshots)

      Egg #16: Gold / Yellow
      "Gear Up for the Long Weekend(s) + Join our #EasterEggHunt" sent Thur 13 April.
      Type: Newsletter
      Placement: End of product text for "Sena 10s Single Unit", listed as the 2nd product in the newsletter.
      Egg #17: Gold / Yellow
      "Gear Up for the Long Weekend(s) + Join our #EasterEggHunt" sent Thur 13 April.
      Type: Newsletter
      Placement: In the footer
      Egg #18: Gold / Yellow
      "Travel Tuesday - the finest gear for your next adventure." sent Tue 18 April.
      Type: Newsletter
      Placement: Bottom feature, between the April Book Promotion and the DJI Firmware blogs.
      Egg #19: Gold / Yellow
      Item link
      Type: Social Media
      Placement: Facebook post sent out 14 April (Fri afternoon).
      Egg #20: Gold / Yellow
      Item link
      Type: Social Media
      Placement: Twitter page cover image


      We had a lot of fun with this Easter Egg Hunt! What would you like to do for next year?

      Easter Egg Hunt 2017! GDome up for grabs.

      Easter Egg Hunt 2017! GDome up for grabs.

      Written by Bernice vd Westhuizen

      [Updated 24 April 2017] This competition had ended, read this blog for the competition winner & to see where the eggs were hidden.

      Welcome to our #EasterEggHunt

      We've placed some really funky looking Easter eggs for you to find (seriously, they have mustaches as you can see). The winner of the Easter egg hunt will receive a free GDome housing. Check out the details below:


      Your choice of a GDome (there is only one to give away but depending on the camera you have, you can select between the GDome, GDome 5 or GDome Session dome).

      How this works:

      Browse our website, newsletters or social media pages for Easter Eggs. There are a total of 20 eggs to find! Some of them are on our website products or blog pages while a few golden eggs are placed in our newsletter and social media pages.

      Find an Egg > Submit information here > Stand a chance to win

      How to Win:

      It's simple - get the highest score! There are a total of 20 eggs but the values are very different, Yellow/ Gold eggs: 20 points,  Pink eggs: 10 points and Blue eggs: 5 points

      This is what they look like:

      We told you they were funky.

      Here are some other guidelines:

      • Where can Easter Eggs be found? Website product and blog pages as well as our newsletter and a random one here and there on our Facebook or Twitter page.
      • There is only one Easter Egg on a page, so if you've found it move along!
      • Duration: This hunt is running between 11 - 18 April (Tue to Tue).
      • When to submit: You should be able to edit your entries in the form, you can thus add the eggs as you find them or add them all at once. Entries can only be submitted until Tue 18 April. 

      This competition has ended, you can see where the eggs were hidden & who won in this blog.

      Terms & Conditions:

      • Entries have to be submitted in this form.
      • Entries should include a screenshot of the PAGE containing the egg as well as the page link. Please note that the file upload functionality is disabled. Entries are submitted as follow: Link (colour of egg) - Placement
      • There are only 20 eggs, so the maximum amount of entries is limited to 20.
      • No repeat entries will be allowed.
      • Submissions cannot be combined.
      • 1 entry per person
      • The person with the highest score wins
      • In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected at our discretion
      If you have any questions please get in touch at


      And hay, if you're wondering why the GDome product is so awesome, here are some pictures taken using a GDome:

      It's our bday month & we're giving away adventure books!

      It's our bday month & we're giving away adventure books!

      Written by Bernice vd Westhuizen & Daryl-Leigh Preuss

      [Updated 25 April 2017]: For the remainder of this month, the minimum spend will be R1000.

      It's our birthday month... and guess what. YOU are getting gifts!

      That's right... we're turning 7 this April and want to treat you! We're all about adventure, kickass gear and some inspiring local adventurers such as Robby Kojetin, Peter van Kets, Chris Bertish, Sean Disney and Vaughan de la Harpe.

      So, for the duration of April, you can select one of the 4 adventure books below for free during checkout when you spend R1000 or more (you also receive free delivery).

      Here are the 4 books you can grab:

      Book 1: "Stoked" by Chris Bertish

      About Chris Bertish:

      Chris Bertish, from Cape Town South Africa, rides waves the size of four-story buildings for fun. Winning the Mavericks Big Wave International surfing event in 2010 (where the waves were the biggest waves ever recorded in the history of the sport!) as well as having a World Record for stand up paddling 320km up the South African West Coast in 2012, it doesn't stop there for Chris! He now has his eyes on paddling across the Atlantic Ocean, alone with his custom built SUP. 

      "We all have dreams..If you have a dream, find the courage to follow it and have the self belief to know you can follow it Nothings Impossible, unless you believe it to be." - Chris Bertish

      What's "Stoked" about:

      Chris shares his story of how he traveled halfway around the world, no sponsorship involved, to outperform the world's best professional athletes on a day that changed his life, and the sport of big-wave surfing, forever. Overcoming overwhelming obstacles and pulling off the impossible in order to achieve his goals and fulfill his dreams.

      "I have been fortunate to meet some quite remarkable sportsmen and women in my life. A few stand out as being beyond extraordinary, Chris is one of them. This book tells his story. Read it and marvel." - Professor Tim Noakes

      You can also read more about Chris or the book here:


      Book 2: "The Eighth Summit" by Peter van Kets

      About Peter van Kets:

      Together with his friend, Bill Godfrey, Peter van Kets made his name known by winning the Woodvale Trans-Atlantic Rowing Race in 2008. Peter was awarded the South African Premiers Award and the Eastern Cape Sports Star of the year Award also in 2008! Then in 2010, Peter was the first African to row, solo, 5438 km across the Atlantic in a 7 meter rowing boat. With this, Peter was awarded the SA Out There Adventurer of the Year 2011. Peter takes the lessons learnt within his expeditions and applies them to the business environment. 

      We also had interviewed Peter, see the video at the end of this blog.

      What's "The Eighth Summit" about:

      Get inspired through the motivational memoirs of adventurer Peter van Kets. Visit three epic expeditions including his win at the Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race in 2008, single-handedly rowing across the Atlantic in 2010, and trekking to the South Pole in 2012.

      "The great challenge of the modern age is the Seven Summits: scaling the highest peak on all seven continents – but The Eighth Summit is about inspiring the human spirit." - Peter van Kets

      You can also read more about Peter or the book here:

      Links to their social accounts/ websites etc


      Book 3: "Left Foot Right Foot" by Robby Kojetin

      About Robby Kojetin:

      Robby Kojetin is a professional speaker and mountaineer who was born in Johannesburg South Africa.  After a tragic accident at an indoor climbing gym, Robby changed his life from the lowest emotional state to the great heights of Mount Everest. His story is like a rollercoaster ride of triumph and tragedy. You'll be sure to have a list to live after reading his novel!

      "I believe people are happiest, healthiest and most productive when they're doing the things that matter to them." - Robby Kojetin

      Fun Fact: This book is signed and self-published :)

      What's "Left Foot Right Foot" about:

      A simple mistake at an indoor climbing gym, left Robby in a wheel chair for a year with broken ankles, ruptured tendons and permanent damage to his feet. This tragic incident brought his dreams as a mountaineer and business owner to a sudden end.

      Robby shares his story about his journey to hell and back, how he went from a wheel chair to summitting the highest mountain on Earth. Be inspired with Robby's ultimate dream and how he built his life to something worth living for.

      You can also read more about Robby or the book here:


      Book 4: "Poles Apart" by Sean Disney & Vaughan de la Harpe

      About Sean Disney & Vaughan de la Harpe:

      Vaughan de la Harpe is the Managing Director of a company based in Johannesburg , the company specialises in the administration of insurance-related products. He is the first South African, along with Sean Disney, to have completed the Explorers Grand Slam.

      Sean Disney currently lives with his family in Johannesburg and is the Managing Director of Adventure Dynamics International.  Sean has climbed Everest from both sides and is a two times 7 summits climber. He is also a qualified paragliding pilot, private pilot, open water diver, and cyclist.

      What's "Poles Apart" about:

      Written by David Bristow, the book is interview style taking you through the adventures of Vaughan and Sean who completed the "Grand Slam" in 2011. This amazing achievement involves summiting the world's highest mountains on each of the seven continents as well as journeying to the North and South Poles.  Poles Apart gives you behind-the-scenes information about what it takes to summit some of the world's highest mountains as well as the story behind the two authors overcoming such an amazing feat.

      "This book is not just about mountaineering. There is the required physical fitness, the mental strength, the tortuous planning, the extreme patience (waiting in a tent in sub zero temperatures, day after day, for a window in the weather) the science, the careful choice of equipment, friendships formed, the need for tolerant wives and families, the soul searching … and, of course, the need for a good sense of humour." – James Clarke

      You can also read more about Sean, Vaughan or the book here:


      Not sure what to buy from our store?

      Check out our deals category or perhaps some of our latest gear. Still not sure? Give us a call on 011 781 1323!

      Promotion T's & C's

      • Valid between 03 April - 30 April
      • Minimum order spend R5000
      • Limited to one book per order
      • Books have to be selected during checkout

      Interview with Peter van Kets:

      Peter van Kets is the ultimate adventurer! He's the author of the book, The Eight Summit where he tells about his trans-Atlantic row and race to the North Pole. We're talking about blisters on his hands and the mind game behind ENDURANCE! He also talks about how to implement this in your every day life!

      Guess who just won a Phantom 4 drone?

      Guess who just won a Phantom 4 drone?

       Written by Bernice vd Westhuizen

      Remember the competition we ran in June 2016? Something about winning a Phantom 4 drone? I'm sure this rings a few bells. Basically we rock and gave a DJI Phantom 4 drone away to one of our newsletter subscribers.

      So...who won you may ask? Well, none other than John Vinjevold. 

      We plan to do a handover of the drone soon, stay tuned! In the meantime you can read a bit more about John and what he plans to get up to:


      Project Coordinator


      About a month ago on the Action Gear Facebook page as well the website as I am always browsing.


      Ecstatic and excited!


      Learn to fly it first then the fun and games begins :)


      We currently have a group of guys who ride bikes together (JHB Supermoto) and we have been using a bunch of different action cameras for the past three years and have had the opportunity to play with a Phantom as well. We film our rides and edit them so all that have attended have a memory to go back to and watch to relive that day.

      Having access to a drone of our own now will allow us to film angles and shots that were never possible before.

      Check JHB Supermoto's social pages: Facebook,  Instagram


      We are continuously up to something, you can check our Competitions category on our blog to see if we are currently running something for you!

      Get a R200 voucher if you subscribe to our newsletter

      Get a R200 voucher if you subscribe to our newsletter

      Written by Bernice vd Westhuizen

      Update: This is no longer running. If you signed up before 23 Feb 2017 you can still use your code to get a discount (valid until 01 Oct 2017). 

      Seriously this is not a joke. If you subscribe to our newsletter (from 03 October), you receive a voucher valued at R200 that you can use for any purchase on our store!



      Easy, just click here and fill in your details!


      The voucher code will be sent through in the confirmation emails. 


      Literally any product on our store! 


      During the check out process you'll see a field where you can enter the code. 


      From 03 October 2016 - 23 February 2017. 


      • The coupon code is case sensitive
      • One use per customer
      • This coupon code cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons
      • Coupons are valid for a year, so until 01 October 2017. 
      • Minimum order spend of R1000

      Experience a problem signing up to our newsletter or making use of the coupon? Please get in touch with us! 011 781 1323