Action camera captures Schumacher ski crash.

After F1 legend Michael Schumacher’s ski crash a few weeks ago, recent news has revealed that the former racing champion was wearing a GoPro action camera during the event.

Footage from the camera was recently been given to French authorities by Schumacher’s manger Sabine Kelm. Investigators suspect that the footage on the camera will aid their investigation and could shed light on the Schumacher crash.

Hundreds of fans have been on frantic web searches in hopes that the video would leak onto the net but at the moment no authentic video has surfaced.

Authorities are also on the lookout for another video said to be shot by a 35 year old man who caught the crash on this smartphone camera. According to German news magazine Der  Spiegel, the man claims to have shot the video while filming his girlfriend skiing  a few metres away from the location of where the crash occurred. He also claims that Schumacher was skiing no more than 20 km/h before his crash. Attempts to retrieve the video from the German magazine have proved fruitless.

Updates on the crush and the videos come at a time when Schumacher is said to still be in a critical condition, as doctors treat him at a French hospital in the Alpine city of Grenoble.


Fans have camped outside the hospital with placards and specials messages wishing Schumacher a speedy recovery.