DJI launches the Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro

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DJI launches the Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro

By Vhengani Emmanuel Mudzielwana 

Well, well, well – just as you think that DJI had all their surprises for the year out of that father Christmas bag of theirs, they give you the best of things to marvel on.

15th of November marked the release of the long awaited DJI Inspire 2, and of course the unexpected surprise Phantom 4 Pro. This of course gets DJI fans like myself quite excited about the new products – on the back of the delay on the Mavic , munching on the specs of the newly announced 2 products is mind tingling.


A product that offers so many advancements from the Inspire 1 that you’d think are not of the same range at all – only to find out that they actually do come from the same range.

  • 1st – The battery life on this new kid in the block is almost twice that of the Inspire 1, all thanks to the dual battery use on the new Inspire 2.
  • 2nd – The range of this awesome thing is the same as that of the Mavic and the Phantom 4 Pro – just in case you are wondering how far theses 3 products can fly, it’s 7km away from your remote controller or ground station, not that it is pretty far considering the fact that you will not be able to see the unit at about 750m distance – if your eyes work pretty well.
  • 3rd – The new camera range, first of all – remember those problems you had with the previous Inspire 1 camera range when you fly at night, low performance on low light condition, they claim to have solved that, bear in mind that we don’t have those units as yet – so we cannot at this point in time say they have actually one so. One other biggest thing with the new Z5S camera is the ability to shot videos at 5.2K 30fps - now that is pretty interesting.
  • 4th – The all new set of obstacle avoidance systems that now gives you that peace of mind that your drone won’t fly to the wall or tree, maybe the person you are trying to capture without you noticing it or just avoiding your commands altogether. Not only does the sensor work on the front, but a top set is fitted in for you to avoid that roof or obstacles atop your drone when you are flying believe it or not – you know what that means right, the only thing you need to worry about is yourself since you may be the only thing behind the drone, and you can fly the drone indoor with little to no worries at all – just don’t drift to the side.


Check out the Inspire 2 & the combo for more information on the product and arrival dates.


Now this is one unit we were not expecting at all, to those of us who have had our eyes on DJI’s secret mission to impress the world, we had very little hope that they’d bring the Phantom 4 Pro in the market, but they actually did.

  • The drone is faster than the Phantom 4 with an acclaimed 10Mph faster speed, this time around it keeps its obstacle avoidance system functional, that is a bit improvement. 
  • Atop that, the Phantom 4 Pro has 5 side obstacle avoidance system – in case you are wondering what that really means, it means that the drone can now avoid obstacles that may come from either Front, Back, Left, Right, or Below. If that is not impressive to you, then you really don’t have anything that can impress you.
  • So much sensor without sacrificing the battery life is an amazing work, the drone has an acclaimed 30minutes flight time, that is quite impressive – well done DJI.
  • The camera is claimed to be the biggest from the Phantom range, and like the Inspire 2, the low light problem appears to be improved, we’ll have to wait until we get the product so that we can actually prove its worth ourselves.
  • The remote of the Phantom 4 is the best thing that DJI has ever made - this solves a lot of problems faced with the App update problems.

To all DJI fans – save for one of this.


Check out the Phantom 4 Pro, and the Pro + for product info and stock arrival updates.



  • Arthur Zonnefeld

    It looklike the Inspire 2 is the one to buy

  • Wally Cordier Snr

    Is the speed right….72km/h

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