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Written by John-Michael Du Preez [Here's an update based on the blog below. Thanks to Mike Duncan for this valuable piece of research]: According to Brendan Schulman Vice President of Policy & Legal Affairs at DJI, this update does not limit your drone in it's abilities. It is merely a new update to ensure that you are receiving the correct GEO zones for your particular area. I have searched the internet tirelessly and from confirmed sources this is as good as a non event. DJI's news letter wording was less than adequate and this led to a lot of confusion....

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Written By Daryl-Leigh Preuss It is always best to keep your drone updated with the latest DJI firmware to ensure your drone is working at it's best. Not only does your drone need the updates but your remote needs them too!                     With regards to the DJI Phantom 3 Professional / Advanced and Phantom 4 remote controllers, we would like to ask you to please do the following if you're using one of the above models: Please ensure your remote controller is at least 50% charged Launch the DJI Go App You...

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Written By Daryl-Leigh Preuss To All Our DJI Mavic Pro Customers, As most of you know, DJI frequently release updated firmware for your drones in order to improve functionality and some times add features. DJI have just released a new firmware for the DJI Mavic Pro, v.01.03.0550. This firmware improves it's hovering performance as well as optimizing it's Return To Home function. We advise, all our DJI Mavic Pro customers to update their drones to this new firmware before their next flight. Before upgrading your Mavic, you'll need to download the latest version of the DJI Go App from the Google Play...

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