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      News — GoPro Karma

      When will the GoPro Karma Drone be available in South Africa?

      When will the GoPro Karma Drone be available in South Africa?

      [Update: 02 May 2017] The Karma Drone is here! Order now while stock lasts.

      [Update: 29 March 2017] The Karma Drone is available for pre-orders. Delivery will take place end of April.

      [Update: 23 March 2017] - The GoPro Karma Drone is coming soon! Stay tuned for the date announcement. The Karma drone is retailing for R14 999 without the Hero5 Black camera (includes Karma Drone, Karma Grip, mounting ring and Hard Case)

      You can also read about the delay due to the recall back in Nov 2016.

      [Update: 08 March 2017] - GoPro have re-released the Karma Drone but their production capacity isn't enough to sell worldwide just yet. The drone is on sale in the US currently and it will be in South Africa in the coming weeks. The arrival date in South Africa and the SA retail price are yet to be confirmed. For updates please email to be added to our waiting list - this means that we'll send you email updates with any info which we hear from GoPro. Being on the waiting list will also give you first choice on placing a pre-order once pricing is confirmed. 

      Written by Warrick Kernes 

       GoPro's brand took a bit of a knock last November when they had to recall the Karma Drone which had just been launched a few weeks before. A few Karma users had experienced power failures mid-flight which caused their drones to drop out the skies and this is something that GoPro couldn't hide from, they had to do the recall and ask all customeras and shops to return their drones. This is basically the worst case scenario when launching a new product but thankfully no one was hurt by one of these falling drones. 

      Since that big decision was made GoPro have been keeping super quiet about any possible re-release. Finally Nick Woodman, GoPro's founder and CEO, broke the silence but still didn't give too much away. In a recent statement Nick said that they would be making an announcement in February about when they'll be sending out the new and improved Karma. 

      Yes, the new and improved GoPro Karma Drone... GoPro took this opportunity to improve the Karma drone so when it does come back onto the market there will be some noticeable improvements. This move is probably due to the fact that DJI launched the DJI Mavic drone just days after the release of the long-awaited Karma by GoPro. [Read our comparison of the GoPro Karma vs the DJI Mavic]

      This will be a critical time for GoPro as they need to do something amazing to rebuild the trust and brand perception of theirs which has been riding so high for so long. We really hope that they pull one out of the hat and blow us all away. 

      What do you think? 

      Comment below to say whether you would get a Karma drone or if you think that GoPro has fallen too far behind their competitors in the drone space. 

      GoPro Karma Recall Due To Performance Issues

      GoPro Karma Recall Due To Performance Issues

      [Updated: 02 May 2017] We are so glad to announce that the GoPro Karma drone has been re-released & available in SA. Limited stock available. 

      Written by Bernice vd Westhuizen

      Read more: When will the KARMA drone be available in SA?

      GoPro's first drone is being recalled - announced on 08 Nov 2016. This recall is as a result of "performance issue related to a loss of power during operation".

      Since 23 October an estimated 2 500 units have been sold - all of which is now being recalled.

      Although only the Karma is being recalled, all items purchased alongside must be returned for a full refund on the drone and package. So if you purchased it with the Hero 5 Black or the Grip, that too needs to be returned.

      How Does This Affect South Africa?

      Since the Karma has not yet been shipped to SA, there are no recalls affecting us. However there will obviously be a delay in when delivery can take place and not according to the estimation of Dec 16 / Jan 17. 

      Products can be returned to GoPro directly or wherever they were originally bought. Here are some FAQs taken from GoPros announcement:

      GoPro Karma Drone

      GoPro Karma Drone

      [Update: 29 March 2017] The Karma is finally here and available on pre-order! Delivery will take place end of April.

      By Warrick Kernes

      It's no secret that GoPro are launching the GoPro Drone soon. While all the details and specs about the Go Pro Drone are yet to be confirmed they have been teasing us with a few videos shot by their new quadcopter and they are eluding to the name; the GoPro Karma Drone. We have heard rumours of what GoPros drone is going to look like but we're not going to speculate until we see one for ourselves. One thing is for sure though, the GoPro Karma Drone is going to be awesome!

      As soon as it is available you'll be able to buy the GoPro Karma Drone in South Africa here on Action Gear. 'Till then here's an epic teaser video just released... Enjoy

      Click on these links to browse Action Gear's range of GoPro gear and Drones

      Sneak Peek of GoPro Drone Footage

      Sneak Peek of GoPro Drone Footage

      By Warrick Kernes

      There has been heaps of excitement building around the Drone which GoPro have said to be developing. Well, for those of you who are still unsure of this we can confirm for 100% that this is in the pipeline and is due to be released around the middle of 2016. GoPro aren't trying to hide the fact either as they've released this sneak peak below for us to see the kind of quality and stability captured using their prototype GoPro Quadcopter...

      Here at Action Gear we'll be the first in South Africa to know updates as they are released and when stock does arrive we'll be the first to have it available so keep an eye on our blog, facebook, twitter and instragram for all the latest updates and releases!

      GoPro Soon to Launch Drones

      GoPro Soon to Launch Drones

      Written By Elzette

      There has been quite a few drone brands incorporating the high definition GoPro camera to its aerial technology, thus bringing production value to unmanned aerial vehicles. That’s why it’s not surprising that GoPro Inc. is developing its own line of consumer drones.

      GoPro has been made famous amongst the sporting industry for introducing wearable technology and the sky is the limit for this 10 year old company.

      The company intends to start selling multirotor helicopters equipped with high-definition cameras late next year, aiming for a price tag between $500 and $1,000. Consumer drones have been seeing a spike in interest from the public since it introduced a smaller, cheaper and easier way to fly.

      According to the Wall Street Journal, GoPro’s move into drones comes as its market-leading camcorder business faces competition from rivals such as Sony Corp. GoPro Inc. (which has gone public this year) has been investing heavily in research and development to maintain its lead in the camera business, which shipped nearly 2.8 million units in the first nine months of the year, up 15% from the same period last year.

      Also, other drone makers could stop supporting GoPro devices if they are competing head-to-head with the camera maker.

      “I’m happy to let GoPro keep making great cameras and we’ll keep making great copters,” said Colin Guinn, senior vice president of sales at Berkeley, Calif.-based 3D Robotics Inc., which sells GoPro cameras with its drones.