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By Bernice vd Westhuizen   WHAT THE HECK ARE “FESTIVE HIGHLIGHTS”? Festive Highlights are products that we, at Action Gear, have handpicked for this festive season. These are extraordinary products that we would like to expand on and emphasize what makes them great (and why you should get it this Christmas). So let’s get started: RED-E HOME STATION 5 PORT USB HUB WHAT MAKES THE RED-E HOMESTATION 5 PORT USB HUB UNIQUE? There is literally no reason to not have at least one powerbank or charging hub of some sort. And this hub… charges 5 devices simultaneously. This homestation is...

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By Bernice van der Westhuizen THE HOVER CAMERA PASSPORT IS FINALLY HERE. Safe, portable, foldable, and easy-to-use. Everything you need in a flying camera. What we really want to know is what YOU think about it! Unfold Your Journey The Hover Camera is the flagship flying camera brand developed by Zero Zero Robotics. Zero Zero Robotics’ first flagship product, developed under the Hover Camera brand, is Hover Camera Passport - the first Embedded Artificial Intelligence powered mass-consumer flying camera of its kind that’s easy-to-use, safe, and portable - ideally suited to capture you during your sojourns around the world from breathtaking perspectives....

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