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      News — Camera

      The New GoPro Fusion - Taking 360° Footage to the Next Level

      The New GoPro Fusion - Taking 360° Footage to the Next Level

      Written by Daryl-Leigh Preuss

      We're still in awe with the release of the GoPro Hero 5 Family & the Karma drone but the new GoPro Fusion is sure to start turning heads (ba dum tss)! 

      In their announcement "The Newest Member of the GoPro Camera Family" (made on 20 April) they introduced us to the Fusion. Fusion is meant to embody all the best in GoPro, from the quality, mountability and durability into one compact product.

      In my opinion, the GoPro Fusion is the coolest camera GoPro have released to date! This awesome gadget can film / take shots from all angles giving you 360° footage. With the Fusion's 5.2K video, you can relive your bucket-list moments over and over again!

      “Fusion is just that, the ability to capture every angle simultaneously…as though you had six GoPro cameras fused into one. Whether filming for VR or traditional fixed-perspective content, Fusion represents the state-of-the-art in versatile spherical capture.” - GoPro founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman.
      • Type of camera: OverCapture camera (Records all angles)
      • Camera: 5.2K
      • Release date: 20 April 2017.
      • Expected date of arrival: End 2017
      • Compatibility: It's compatible with a large range of GoPro mounts and handheld accessories.

      We will keep updating this blog as soon as information is released regrading the price and date of arrival.

      Why do we like it so much?

      Imagine being able to capture the moment as you live and enjoy it from all angles and having the ability (and flexibility) to choose your composition at a later stage (this is called OverCapture / Reframing).

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        Check this video to see the amazingness of the Fusion:

        We would love to know what you think! Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

        Festive Highlights from Action Gear

        Festive Highlights from Action Gear



        Festive Highlights are products that we, at Action Gear, have handpicked for this festive season. These are extraordinary products that we would like to expand on and emphasize what makes them great (and why you should get it this Christmas). So let’s get started:



        There is literally no reason to not have at least one powerbank or charging hub of some sort. And this hub… charges 5 devices simultaneously. This homestation is lightweight and ideal for travelling.  Not to mention is also has a lifetime guarantee.

        Price: R375.00

        Features Overview:

        • Output: 6 Amps
        • Cable: Yes
        • Ports: 5 (USB)
        • Smart Output control detection

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        Polar H7 Bluetooth Heartrate Strap


        This strap connects to your phone or watch – it thus turns your phone into a heartrate device. Not to mention the wonderful compatibility with other fitness apps (including Polar Beat).

        It is also ideal, not just for those who exercise but also to check their heart rate. Especially for this price, it is a good value for money purchase.

        Price: R995.00

        Features Overview:

        • Connects to many Polar products as well as compatible gym equipment
        • Compatible with dozens of fitness apps (including Polar Beat)
        • Compatible with iPhone 4S and later, and with selected Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 using Android 4.3 or later.
        • Transfers heart rate information while swimming with products which support 5kHz transmission

        Read More



        This minidrone unlocks a world of fun with the ability to attach the cannon and grabber to the unit. So start shooting BB gun pellets, grab small objects or learn to do some acrobatic flips and barrel rolls. This drone is also more rigid than other minidrones.

        Price: R1,999.00

        Features Overview:

        • Cannon: Shoot miniature balls up to 1.8m away)
        • Grabber:  Catch, carry and release cargo up to 4g)
        • Flight time: 7 – 9 min (depending on accessories and conditions)
        • Camera: 300,000 pixels

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        It’s a great quality hydration-compatible pack that allows you to mount your GoPro anywhere on the bag. This backpack is versatile and functional to a whole new level.

        Price: R2,999.00

        Features Overview:

        • Compatibility: All GoPro cameras
        • Hydration-compatible
        • Weather-resistant
        • Chest and shoulder mounts
        • Dimensions: Roughly 482mm x 241mm x 127mm
        • Can mount the Karma Grip on the shoulder strap

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        This Hubsan FPV x4 minidrone is the smallest FPV drone. It also gives you a live video feed from the drone's camera directly onto the remote controller's 4.3" colour screen.

        Price: R3,099.00

        Features Overview:

        • Range: 100 meters
        • Flight time: 7 min

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        Small and simple. This first ever GoPro Session is the ideal action and lifestyle camera to have. It’s one button control combined with the video & image quality as well as the mounting options make it a versatile and powerful piece of equipment. The SuperView function also allows for wider angle field of view, enabling you to capture more of yourself and your surroundings in a single shot.

        The quality of this camera with its compact size, is simply amazing. Not to mention that this nifty little camera is more affordable since the release of the Hero 5 Session.

        Price: R4,195.00

        Features Overview:

        • One-Button Operation
        • Weight: 74 grams
        • Video:  1440p30 / 1080p60 / 720p120fps
        • Images: 8MP Still Photos
        • Ultra Wide Angle Glass Lens + SuperView
        • Integrated Housing Waterproof to 33'
        • Control with GoPro App or SmartRemote
        • Time-Lapse and Photo Burst Modes
        • Auto Low Light + Protune Mode for Video

        Read More

        360FLY HD


        The 360Fly is the world’s first 360° Single Lens camera - giving you interactive 360° video without any stitching or seaming.  Let’s not forget that this is currently on special too. You have full HD quality from a single lens.

        Price: R5,999.00 (WAS R8,999.00)

        Price is valid for December 2016.

        Features Overview:

        • World’s widest single-lens camera
        • Record and store up-to 3 hours of 360° HD footage
        • Edit and share video in 90 seconds or less.
        • Dustproof
        • Shockproof
        • Water resistant to 1ATM
        • Internal Memory: 32GB
        • Battery life: 3 Hours

        Read More

        But anyway, if for some reason none of these items are what you’re looking for, feel free to browse our Christmas Gift category, Sales Items or give us a call on 011 781 1323.

        Also keep an eye out for any new products or specials taking place (You can sign-up to our newsletter here so you don’t miss anything).

        We're 6 Years Old!

        We're 6 Years Old!

        We're 6 years old! Well I certainly do feel like a 6 year old on Christmas with all these awesome outdoor products constantly surrounding us!

        April 2010 saw the opening of Action Gear (then Action Cameras) and we've been on a fun journey ever since! When we started up we were the first in SA to sell GoPros, Drift and other action cam brands which have grown in popularity over the years as well as other brands which have come and gone over the years. It's been said that luck is when preparation meets opportunity so I guess we were very lucky be at the forefront of the growth of the action cam industry and I like to think that we played a massive role in introducing South Africa to this range of products.

        Obviously we no longer just sell the cameras as we evolved our name to Action Gear in 2013 and widened our product range to include Drones, GPS's, Sports Watches, Power Solutions, Binoculars, Night Vision Scopes and any other interesting outdoor tech that we could get our hands on. But here's something you might not have known, it was actually you, our friends and customers who convinced us to make this change and widen our range. We had so many of our loyal GoPro customers asking for us to get them other gear that they wanted because, as they said, we offer the best service of any retailer in SA (yes, we actually have that comment and others framed on our Raving Fan Wall).

        My business partner and co-founder of the Action Gear brand Dave Davies has been a driving force behind the growth which we've had over the years. Between him and I we've come up with great ideas which worked brilliantly (like becoming leaders in the drone industry) and other ideas which were spectacular failures (like the TV show which we ran with for a few months!) but all in all we seem to do more right than wrong as, together with our team we've grown Action Gear into one of South Africa's leading eCommerce companies. We can actually say that now with confidence as we won a 1st prize for Best Customer Service in last year's eCommerce Awards!

        Over the years we've proudly won a number of awards (which you can read about here) but we really believe that the best is yet to come as we continue to improve our product offering and the delivery services. We know that there's statistics about how many companies make it to 6 years but without knowing the exact stats we know that we've had good times and bad but we've stuck it out and we're here to stay. We want to become a household name and a favourite online shop and destination for outdoorsy, sporty and adventurous people. We look forward to sharing this journey with you!

        By the way, did you know that we've just launched an updated version of the Action Gear website? Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.



        Amashova 65km Cycle Race

        Amashova 65km Cycle Race

        Last year I took part in my second Tsogo Sun AmaShova Durban Classic, cycling a full 65km with my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver strapped to my bike. 
        This race is one of the oldest classic cycle races in South Africa and offers a classic 106km race, 65km half challenge and a 35km fun ride with full road closures. The 106km from Pietermaritzburg to Durban follows a similar route to that of the Comrades Marathon. It’s a fantastic race for both beginners and advanced cyclists who are looking for a good challenge.
        I started the 65km half challenge at 5.30am in Cato Ridge. It was a chilly morning but it didn’t take long for the cyclists to be warmed up and full of excitement for the race ahead. 
        My excitement turned into horror as I was faced with the notorious slow climb up Inchanga! By now the sun was sitting high and the day was getting warmer. Not long after the first major uphill, came another punishing climb out of the Drummond bowl. 
        At this point, I began questioning whether I had prepared myself enough for the race!
        The slow, winding uphills of the first 15km or so seem like they are never-ending. After pushing through, it was a breeze cycling down Botha’s Hill and Fields Hill, with even more easy free-wheeling stretches into Durban. All the negative thoughts from the beginning of the race had disappeared and I got that same rush that keeps me coming back each year.
        Like most endurance sporting events, I find, you'll say to yourself during the race that you're never going to do it ever again; this is the last time you’re going to put yourself through that experience. By the end of the race, however, you’re overjoyed that you fought through the temporary pain and begin the countdown to next year's event!
        There is a unique freedom and thrill that comes from gliding downhill on a bike surrounded by beautiful green scenery with clear sunny skies above. I tried my best to capture it with my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver which you can check out in the video I made below.
        I used the handlebar mount to attach my GoPro to the handlebar of my bike. It was really steady and surprisingly, didn’t shake or vibrate at all while cycling. Using this mount allowed me to focus on my cycling while easily capturing a few videos and photos of the race. I edited all the footage into a short video showing the highlights of my race using GoPro Studio


        This year’s Amashova takes place on 16 October and entries are now open. I hope you’re gearing up for the big day and challenging yourself this year, whether it’s to the 35km, 65km or 106km! You can find out more information and enter online here.


        To see more of my GoPro photos, check out my Instagram account
        You can also check out my other YouTube videos

        Lucky You! It's St Patricks Day

        Lucky You! It's St Patricks Day

        Don't miss out on these lucky deals. 

         The average fly time on a battery is only 23 minutes, so to increase the amount of fun we have added a spare battery for only R2600, saving you R400!

        Now there is more time to catch that rainbow. 

        I want one> 

        Receive a FREE PowerTraveller Solar Charger when you buy a Suunto Ambit 3!

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        Now this is a great deal. With every GoPro Hero 4 Black, Hero 4 silver or GoPro Hero 4 session you will get a Samsung MicroSD Memory Card and a 4 pack of redbull for FREE. 

         We also give you the chance to add a DS Bundle to your GoPro, saving you between R300 and R1000! These bundles include all the necessary accessories for a variety of activites. Lastly, you can also choose to add a Jupio battery power pack and save a further R200, with two batteries and a dual charger to keep you filming for longer.

        I want one> 

         Now this is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!