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Written by Daryl-Leigh Preuss We've seen some interesting new product releases from DJI via their Facebook page. Unlike the previous release(s) announcing the Matrice M200 series, Inspire 2 & Phantom 4 Pro range, or even the release of the Mavic we've had to keep our eye on social media for these new additions. Take a look at these new products (listed in order of the most recent):  DJI Goggles: See the world through the eyes of a drone using the new DJI Goggles! Amazing views as if you were right there. Turn the camera by turning your head with the option...

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Written by David Russel Davies The new DJI Goggles They're finally here!! The DJI Goggles boast the new Ocusync transmission system,  pair of  large high quality HD screens, long range transmitters, low latency (110ms), built in touch pad and intelligent flight modes.  You can also read about the release of the Ronin2, Tracktenna & Cendence here. Compatible with the Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Series and the Inspire Series. The DJI goggles will give you that amazing immersive birds eye experience. With a South African recommended retail price of R9,099.00 make sure to pre-order your DJI goggles now.  Shipping  & Delivery...

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If you have the need for speed both on a track and in the air, then this action packed video is for you. Watch this high speed drift car twist and turn around the track with smooth perfection while being chased by a racing drone. Brilliant driving from the driver and the pilot.

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