The new FPV Goggles from DJI


The new FPV Goggles from DJI

Written by David Russel Davies

The new DJI Goggles

They're finally here!! The DJI Goggles boast the new Ocusync transmission system,  pair of  large high quality HD screens, long range transmitters, low latency (110ms), built in touch pad and intelligent flight modes. 

You can also read about the release of the Ronin2, Tracktenna & Cendence here.

Compatible with the Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Series and the Inspire Series.

The DJI goggles will give you that amazing immersive birds eye experience. With a South African recommended retail price of R9,099.00 make sure to pre-order your DJI goggles now. 

Shipping  & Delivery dates to be confirmed.

Contact us as per details below:
Tel: 011 781 1323

I’m surprised its taken DJI this long to bring out their own FPV goggles. Its something we expected with the release of the Inspire 2. Yes they’ve taken their time but when you look at the DJI Goggles closely you appreciate why. From the built in touch pad to the head tracking feature they are pretty dam impressive! Well done DJI you’ve rocked our rotors once again!

Choose a menu & confirm

Power Button:
Turn the Goggles on & off

Function Button:
Enter Focus Mode & Other

Normal 2K drone goggles are two screens split into two 1280 X 1140 screens, one for each eye. When you view this in 16:9 some parts of the image are cut off leaving only a quarter of the pixels. DJI goggles have two 1920 X 1080 providing twice the resolution of normal screens.

With the new Head tracking feature your head movements control the camera yaw and tilt. You just need to turn your head left or right to move the camera. In head tracking gimbal mode only the camera move without changing the yaw.

The goggles work perfectly with DJI’s new intelligent flight modes. In fixed wing mode the aircraft doesn’t turn left or right but instead flies forward with enough rotational movement for a realistic flight simulation.

In head tracking mode you’ll be able to fully control the Mavic Pro for a real flight experience, much like 360 flight experience.

An AR trajectory feature in fixed wing mode allows safer flight in more complex environments.

Over and beyond hobbyist needs there’ll certainly be some commercial applications. Getting clearer live pictures when inspecting electrical lines, roofs, surveying mines might provide that extra edge and save you that second flight.



Goggles: 495 g
Headband: 500 g


Goggles: 195×155×110 mm
Headband(Folded): 255×205×92 mm


85° (single screen)

Screen Size

5 inch×2

Interpupillary Distance Range

58 – 70 mm

Refresh rate

60 Hz

Screen Resolution

3840×1080 (single screen: 1920×1080)

Operating Frequency

2.4 GHz

Max. Transmission Distance

Same as the aircraft connected

Video Downlink Resolution

1080p30, 720p60, 720p30

Video Downlink Latency at least

(Near field and free of interference)

110 ms (Mavic Pro, 720p60, video format: 720p120)
150 ms (Phantom 4 series, 720p60, video format: 720p60/720p120)
140 ms (Inspire 2+X5S, 720p60, video format: 1080p120)
190 ms (Inspire 2+X4S, 720p60, video format: 1080p60)

Battery Capacity

9440 mAh

Battery Energy

35.44 Wh

Max Operating Time

6 hrs

Operating Temperature Range

32°F (0°C) - 104°F (40°C)

I/O Interface

Micro USB, 3.5mm audio jack, HDMI type-D, Micro SD card slot

HDMI Supported

HDMI 1.4b, HDCP 1.4


Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor


Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz. 0.5A
Output: 5V,3A ; 9V,2A;12V,1.5A


For more information contact us or phone us 011 781 1323


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