Sneak Peek of GoPro Drone Footage

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Sneak Peek of GoPro Drone Footage

By Warrick Kernes

There has been heaps of excitement building around the Drone which GoPro have said to be developing. Well, for those of you who are still unsure of this we can confirm for 100% that this is in the pipeline and is due to be released around the middle of 2016. GoPro aren't trying to hide the fact either as they've released this sneak peak below for us to see the kind of quality and stability captured using their prototype GoPro Quadcopter...

Here at Action Gear we'll be the first in South Africa to know updates as they are released and when stock does arrive we'll be the first to have it available so keep an eye on our blog, facebook, twitter and instragram for all the latest updates and releases!

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