GoPro Soon to Launch Drones

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GoPro Soon to Launch Drones

Written By Elzette

There has been quite a few drone brands incorporating the high definition GoPro camera to its aerial technology, thus bringing production value to unmanned aerial vehicles. That’s why it’s not surprising that GoPro Inc. is developing its own line of consumer drones.

GoPro has been made famous amongst the sporting industry for introducing wearable technology and the sky is the limit for this 10 year old company.

The company intends to start selling multirotor helicopters equipped with high-definition cameras late next year, aiming for a price tag between $500 and $1,000. Consumer drones have been seeing a spike in interest from the public since it introduced a smaller, cheaper and easier way to fly.

According to the Wall Street Journal, GoPro’s move into drones comes as its market-leading camcorder business faces competition from rivals such as Sony Corp. GoPro Inc. (which has gone public this year) has been investing heavily in research and development to maintain its lead in the camera business, which shipped nearly 2.8 million units in the first nine months of the year, up 15% from the same period last year.

Also, other drone makers could stop supporting GoPro devices if they are competing head-to-head with the camera maker.

“I’m happy to let GoPro keep making great cameras and we’ll keep making great copters,” said Colin Guinn, senior vice president of sales at Berkeley, Calif.-based 3D Robotics Inc., which sells GoPro cameras with its drones.

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