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ActionGear TV Episode 16 with Team Garwood

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Written By Elzette


The day Kevin and little Nicky walked into the ActionGear.TV studio, the entire team was inspired from the get-go. Nicky was wearing the biggest smile and greeted each one of us with a huge hug and a lot of love. The Garwood team is made up of Kevin and Nicholas, a father and disabled son triathlete team.

When Nicholas was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a baby, Kevin took on his son’s disability and stopped taking part in any kind of sport – quit his job and stayed home to take care of his son he loved more than life itself. But after watching a video of an American dad who took part in races with his disabled son, Kevin got a new sense of hope in giving Nicky more in life. He showed Nicholas the video and saw his face light up.


At first Kevin started training slowly. “I started out on a mountain bike but was so unfit everyone had to stop and wait for me.” Their first official race together was the 702 Walk the Talk before they tackled the Dome to Dome 40km cycle race. But one of the biggest feats must be completing the Iron Man in 2013! Kevin also tells us how Nicky would encourage him to go “faster, faster” and is one of the best motivators to have on these races. “I just love his attitude, he wants to change the world,” Kevin says proudly.



Currently they are training for the France Challenge Vichy and Challenge Roth and we can’t wait to follow their career closely in 2015! The sky is the limit with Team Garwood. Check out their interview with us and why not give them some support on their Facebook page.

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