Action Gear and Our Adventure Scars

Being the outdoor junkies that we are here at Action Gear, the after effects of a crazy weekend adventure are always visible around the office. From broken bones to sprained ankles and busted up noses, we wear our adventure scars proudly. See, we don’t only sell outdoor and adventure gear but we spend time testing out our products and gadgets too.

The lifestyles that we live out of the office have become so adventurous, we have decided to share some of the after effects we have suffered. Here are some of the major injuries we have become victims of in the past 12 months.

David Davies:  Broken Nose - April 2014

Picture a nice, freshly mowed field in a sunny park. A group of mates decide to play a game of good old fashioned rugby. A couple of buddies, a ball and two different t-shirts for two different try lines. Sounds like a killer afternoon right? WRONG. Our friend David here was a victim of one mother of a tackle, resulting in a bloody, out of place, broken nose.

After some quick self-realigning of his nose, David spent the next day in front of the doctor getting stitched back up just right. He is still sporting his adventure scar.

David and his injured nose.

Warrick Kernes: Broken Collar Bone - September 2013

Our resident mountain biker; slash Iron Man master Warrick, had his wicked injury on a fateful Sunday morning. Down at the local Braamfontein Spruit trail, Warrick was tearing up the route as he does most weekends. Except this time, one of the other riders had built a new jump close to the Emmerenteia entrance of the trail. Whipping through the route at quick speed, he didn’t have the chance to hit the ramp at that moment but made a mental note to hit the ramp on his way back.

After a while, Warrick was soon making his way back down the trail and toward the newly build jump, this time at twice the speed. Focused and ready, he rode on over the ramp but mistimed its tricky elevation and was sent straight into the air. Left with few options, Warrick made a quick turn mid-air to avoid a bigger crash landing. Unfortunately, he landed face first into the dirt and was knocked out cold soon after. The crash resulted in snapped collar bone injury.

“Thankfully the Spruit trail is always pretty busy on a weekend so a few guys saw me go down and stopped to splash some water on me to wake me up. One of them even fetched his car, loaded me and my bike up and dropped me off at Sandton clinic!” – Warrick Kernes

Being the avid bike rider that he is, Warrick was back on a spinning bike in 2 weeks and back on the trails after 5 weeks.  What a trooper. Warrick still has his adventure scars.

A group photo of the Action Gear team late last year. In the pic from left to right - Mike; Greg; Norma; Thato; Eric; David; Warrick.

Michael Carey - November 2013

Mike loves any sport with a board. Surfboard, skateboard, wakeboard, you name it and Mike has probably been on it. As part of this publicly known love, Mike decided to try his hand at downhill longboarding.  After talking a few of his mates into joining him for a Saturday afternoon skate session, Mike lent a longboard from a buddy and chose a steep, deserted road to test the board out.

With his friends at the bottom of the road cheering him on, Mike strapped on his helmet and went tearing down the road. Now because this type of sport was one Mike was new to, his control was lacking so unfortunately, a late turn sent his body one way and his board another. He made a near fatal collision with a large bolder midway through his ride.

“Because the hill was so steep, I didn’t see the flat bolder in time. By the time I tried to turn, it was too late and my body was sliding down the road. I was eventually stopped by the base of a brick wall.” – Michael ‘Mike’ Carey

Mike still has his adventure scars.

So as you’ve just read, the Action Gear staff know a thing or two about bad injuries but you’ll be glad to know that these injuries are becoming a little (just a little) less common around the office.

One thing that would have made these moments a bit more memorable was if they were all captured in glorious high definition. Yes injuries are never something we like to have happen but having a good laugh at them at a later stage, is a good way of keeping the incident memorable.

Greats options for Mountain Biking (Warrick)

The GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition would be a good option for capturing great video at high speeds. The camera is able to record 1080p full high definition at 60fps. Combined with a GoPro Quick Release Head strap, a user will have a stunning point of view shot of all the action. The Hero 3+ Black Edition’s SuperView feature will offer an ultra-wide frame, much higher and wider than rival action cameras.

To keep track of all your vital stats such as heart rate, as well as info on speed and altitude, the Suunto Ambit 2 HR is a great option. The added GPS tracking integrated into the sports watch will also allow you to view and share your travelled route via Sunnto’s website.

Key Features of the Suunto Ambit 2 HR: 

  • Integrated GPS
  • Digital compass
  • Heart rate monitor and altimeter

Great Options for Rugby (David)

A GoPro Hero 3+ and GoPro Chest Harness (Chesty) combination will help any avid rugby player capture great video from a lower level angle,

Shooting at this level is closer to the hands and is thus closer to the action.

Key Features of the GoPro Chesty:  

  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Shooting angle provides an ultra-immersive perspective

Great Options for Longboarding: (Mike)

The Drift Ghost S is good choice for high speed sports. Its rugged body and gorilla glass LCD screen make is a tough little action camera. Combining the Ghost S with the Drift Suction Cup mount provide riders with a variety of shooting positions.

Key Features of the Drift Ghost S:

  • 3.5 hour battery life
  • 60 fps at 1080p
  • 2” Gorilla glass screen

Key Features of the Drift Suction Cup Mount:

  • Attaches directly to the Drift camera via universal clip
  • Non - abrasive suction
  • Attaches to flat or slightly curved surfaces

Although we do get injured from time to time, that does not stop us from enjoying our favourite outdoor activities with friends and family. We have gathered a large amount of experience using certain gadgets in these types of situations, so we know first-hand what you will need on your very own adventures.

For more info on the above listed products or activity advice visit our website on, email or call 011 781 1323.