The Team's favorite GoPro videos

With this weeks newsletter being everything GoPro, we thought we would share some our favorite GoPro videos that have traveled around the office recently. We've chosen 5 of our favorites and trust you'll thoroughly enjoy them. Sit back, relax and enjoy some creative and adventurous folks doing amazing things in the dream of sharing their experiences with the rest of us.


1) Our first video is shot by Chris Rodgers, an awesome part of our community and recognised by GoPro themselves as one rad dude!



2) The next video will get the gamer and adventourous kid in you excited from the beginning. Max and Jean race to the top of an abandoned building in south Africa to see who can jump first. It's just clean fun!

3) Our first  non South African video is still one that just has that friendly South African feeling. Greg Hum records his interesting journey, playing his Hum Drum as he takes his jam sesh to the streets, traveling across the country, making and meeting friends.

4) These 2 stars were so awesome we had a this blog post all about them. Lexus the Dirt Bike Dog and James Stott show us an epic ride across the dunes of Little Sahara, Utah.

5) Stefan Kruger, a regular blogger for Action Gear joins his fellow speed-flyers to make one rad video. 

6) Rémy Métailler takes home the third winning slot of the GoPro of the World PinkBike Challenge earning himself $1,000! Check out his awesome line in Taxco, Mexico! This insane video had me holding my breath, wondering if he could see the next turn, because I sure couldn't.

7) Join this happy dog and his joy for the sea as he takes us for a ride down a Sicilian coastline to finish off with a leaping plunge into the ocean. It's always sunny in Walter's world!

8) I'm sure you've seen surfing dogs. Now meet Kama. Kama and owner Kai Holt hit Sandy Beach for a surf session with the locals in Oahu. What a rad pig!

9) Join Jason Paul and his buddy Enis Maslic as they jump across rooftops, ring tower bells, and cruise the exotic island streets of Santorini, Greece.


10) Matt Kurle snags the first winning slot of the GoPro of the World Powered by Pinkbike Challenge and earns himself $1,000. Check out his awesome line on Semper Dirticus 

One last feel good video... just for fun!