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The GoPro Hero5 Black review

In October 2016, GoPro unveiled the new HERO5 camera platform consisting of the HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session. On surface level, one might think that it’s just a costume change however when you dive into it, the HERO5 range has so much more on offer and a lot more bang for your buck.

As per GoPro’s naming convention, the HERO5 Black is the flag [...]

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The Crash and Burn of the Lily Drone

The Lily Drone rocked the internet with this video released nearly two years ago but even until now we've not been able to get our hands on any. Depsite it never coming to market I still get people asking me for the Lily Drone by name or at the least people ask about that drone you can throw off a bridge to start the flight or that drone which y [...]

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Sani2C - the three day journey captured

Sani2C MTB experience day 1

(Glencairn Farm to Mackenzie Farm 83km)

As a professional road cyclist I have always tended to stay away from the very dirty brother of road cycling, better known as mountain biking. But with the opportunity to participate in one of the most well organized MTB events on the South African calendar, I ga [...]

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We have a 3rd Cyclist!!

It’s funny to see people reactions when we tell them that we’re cycling 4,630km up Africa on single speed bikes. Some say “you’re mad!”, some say “I wish I could join you!” and then there’s Gareth Pickering who simply said: “Can I come?”

Gareth has spent the last few years travelling the world and fighting for his freedom as you can read about [...]

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Good Luck to Camilla for Comrades!

As if cycling 4,630km up Africa wasn’t enough of a challenge, Cam decided to include the 89km Comrades Ultra Marathon into her 2016 calendar! And yes, in case you’re wondering, the 1st picture is of her finishing the Full IronMan n 2015 (that’s a 3.8km swim, 180km cycle & 42km marathon!)

This Sunday morning 16,000 runners will line up in Pieter [...]

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Interview on Cliff Central [Podcast]

"Warrick Kernes and his wife Camilla join Arye Kellman on Cliff Central to talk about what they’ve set their sights on. The pair are embarking on the most incredible journey on the 30th of July 2016, to raise money for the Qhubeka charity. They will be cycling from Johannesburg to Moshi, Tanzania – covering 4630km over a 10-week [...]

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We’ve been blown away by the generosity of people who have so willingly supported the Qhubeka charity in support of our #Joburg2Kili expedition. When we combined the donations made via GivenGain and direct EFT deposits we were thrilled to find that we’ve surpassed the half way mark of our goal to raise R100,000 for Qhubeka. The total amount rais [...]

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South Africa's Top 5 Mountain Bike Trails

South Africa is home to vast open velds and mountain paths. Our country is blessed enough to have areas with unspoiled rugged terrain, places that would make any mountain bike rider feel right at home.  The following list of South Africa’s top mountain bike spots, is aimed not only at seasoned riders but also for those looking to try trial ridin [...]

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Action Gear Cycling from Joburg 2 Kilimanjaro for the Qhubeka Charity

Cycling Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles from Johannesburg to Mount Kilimanjaro: South African couple raise funds for Qhubeka charity

Johannesburg, South Africa, 11 May 2016 - South African adventure enthusiasts, Warrick and Camilla Kernes will be cycling Qhubeka buffalo bicycles from Johannesburg, South Africa to Moshi, Tanzania covering 4630km [...]

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My morning workouts now almost always start before the sun is out. Summer is officially gone and we’re deep into autumn with that winter chill not far behind. The training never stops, but the right kit will keep you going no matter what the weather gods may bring.

“There is no such thing as bad weat [...]

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We recently met up with Neo Phashe from the Randburg Sun for an interview about our expedition. Although we were a bit nervous for the interview, she was truly interested in what we’re trying to achieve and she posted this great article on the Randburg Sun local community newspaper site.


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Meet the team - Joburg2Kili

South African adventure enthusiasts, Warrick and Camilla Kernes, Gareth Pickering and Derrick Fourie will be cycling Qhubeka buffalo bicycles from Johannesburg, South Africa to Moshi, Tanzania covering 4630km over a 10 week period. Setting off on July 30th, these four plan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro once they reach Mos [...]

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Bike jacking by Gunpoint

Malcolm Fox was out riding in Somerset West when a group of robbers stopped him to steal his bike, cellphone, sunglasses and car keys - all at gunpoint. Thankfully, the police have been able to arrest the suspects and the stolen bike and cellphone have been returned. The whole incident was captured on Malcolm's [...]

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Action Camera captures Skier being Buried Alive

I almost hyperventilated when watching this video and can't even start to imagine what he must have felt like for those few minutes! Watch how an action camera captures an avalanche catching up on a skier and burying him under a heap of snow. 

You may hit an excruciating few minutes where you feel you want to claw yourself out of there yourself [...]

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Flying Quadcopters and the legislation behind them

Article updated 12 June 11h00.

After a Channel 24 article on the banning of drones in South Africa, it has been a struggle for most to get a definite answer out of the SACAA. But we finally have the latest on the banning of quadcopters from the SACAA’s Communications Manager, Kabelo Ledwaba.

Seems flying drones in SA is NOT il [...]

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King of the Fort Downhill Skateboarding 2014

King of the Fort Gravity Race is a Downhill Skateboarding and Luge event hosted by First Nature at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria, the capital city of South Africa. This year will be the 5th year that First Nature has hosted KOTF and in 2014 it will again be the only race on the SAGRA Championships calendar outside of the Western Cape.


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Never give up

It's so easy for anybody really, to blame the circumstances, the odd incident or labyrinth of complicated events for the short comings and failures in life. I personally know that it's far easier to focus on the negative than the positive and that the little black spot on your beautiful white canvas - well, doesn't need to tarnish your attitude. [...]

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GoPro or Go Home

Nick Woodman can be referred to as the founder and CEO of the action camera brand GoPro, but many of his closest friends and colleagues refer to him as a surf loving adventurist with the trademarked excited wail: “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEOW”.

He is one of the youngest billionaires with a net worth of around $1.3 billion and his journey to finding and bui [...]

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4 Steps to Avoid Ending up with Never-Watched GoPro Videos

1 - Plan what you want to shoot before heading out. For example, film loading up your bike in the morning you leave, film your mates leaving the meeting place (this makes up the start of your soon-to-be edit), film a little of your journey on the open road, film your arrival at Golden Gate (or whichever awesome place you're visi [...]

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The Panasonic HX A500 4K 25fps Action Camera (A World First)

Panasonic recently announced their 4K resolution wearable action camera. Capable of shooting 4K at 25 fps, the HX A500 is unique in design and uses a clip on mechanism for attachment onto loose clothing or onto your head via an included head strap mount.

 “We’ve seen the action camcorder market grow year on year as people look to share thei [...]

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SA's Top 5 Surf Spots

South African is known for its fantasticly scenic coastlines, so much so that South Africa is often a basecamp for surfing champions from around the world. Water currents, direction of winds and water temperature, are all factors that make SA one of the surf meccas of the world. Cape Town has long been known as a coastline destination surfers ca [...]

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Hitcase Pro Review

Due to to the iPhone 5’s stunning camera quality, there is a strong trend of people using the smartphone to capture video at a semi-professional level. From shooting full length feature films to using there to shoot HD quality video underwater, users are finding ways of getting the most out of their little Apple gadget.

One of the most interest [...]

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Dark Days Ahead

Load-shedding, South Africa’s favourite pastime. Well not exactly a public favourite but defiantly something that all of us have had intimate contact with at some point. The ugly gremlin known as load-shedding, is back to turn perfectly good evenings at home into a nights of disappointment and boredom. With Eskom’s latest announcement of periodi [...]

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[Video] GoPole Reach Review

In this video Warrick reviews the GoPole Reach.

The Reach is a great accessory for shooting in creative camera angles when using your GoPro camera. Its simple extension functionality allows you to place your camera in tricky to manoeuvre areas where an extra bit of ‘reach’ is required. The Reach is both waterproof and can extend to a length of [...]

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The Oscar Selfie that Brought Down Twitter

2013 was arguably the year of the selfies with the whole world either taking quirky selfies in interesting situations or viewing them.

2014 seems no different with news of twitter crashing after talk show host Ellen DeGeneres played host to the ultimate selfie, taken at the 2014 Oscar around a plethora of Hollywood A-listers

The picture, which [...]

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Argus Cycle Tour - Last Minute Tips

With only a few days before the next Argus Cycle Tour you've probably heard all the advice there is to hear. The last minute nerves however probably have you browsing around various blogs and sites to find out any other morsels of useful information which can help you on race day, so that's what we'll give you here; a few really useful bits of a [...]

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Cardo Voice Command 101

So you’ve just bought your very first Cardo communication device. Congratulations. Now your new challenge is using the voice command system to perfection. Easier said than done you say?

Using a Cardo device’s voice detection feature for the first time can be [...]

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Worldwide Wifi Hot spot with the Iridium GO!

Imagine being able to communicate with anyone in the world, from any location, over satellite using your smartphone. This is exactly what the Iridium GO helps you do. Using their Iridium GO device, users will have the ability to use any Wi-Fi enabled device such us a smartphone, tablet or laptop, to access both data and voice communication with [...]

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Virtual Reality through the Oculus Rift

As the years go by, the world sees more and more unique and slightly strange inventions as time progresses. One of these innovative inventions is the Oculus Rift. 

The Oculus Rift is built around the concept of virtual reality. Virtual Reality s (VR) revolves around the concept of being able to use a set of specially made googles that create a [...]

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Why Buy From Us

Action Gear SA is dedicated to providing our customers with the best service possible. We will continue to strive to make Action Gear SA your first choice for the best products, lightning fast shipping and superior customer service. We’ve partnered with world leaders in technology and security to provide you with an eas [...]

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South Africa's Most incredible road trip routes

South Africa is easily one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is fairly easy to navigate with tempting freeways leading out of the big cities packing an insane amount of scenery. From snowy mountains to sandy beaches, Authentic  African villages and picturesque settler towns, you'll never get tired of the scenery on these trips. Here [...]

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How to plan a group biking trip

Experiencing our beautiful country via road tripping is a breath taking experience not many South African get to have. With vast sea like valleys, long winding dirt roads or the odd looking mountains tops, South Africa has some of the world’s best scenic routes. Now if you add the element of open motor bikes and a few biking club buddies, you ha [...]

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How to prepare for your 1st marathon.

With annual marathons and runs being rolled, many people are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking one. From shorter distance family fun run to professional level ultra-marathons, there’s something for everybody.

I’m sure running for a marathon has crossed your mind at some point in your life, but running one is not as easy as it looks. T [...]

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Liquid Image announce the 4G LTE streaming Ego LS.

Hot on the heels of this year’s action camera releases is Liquid Image with their Ego LS action camera. With the very wide range of action camera available, manufactures are doing all they can to make their product that stand out from the crowd.

In Liquid Image’s attempt at uniqueness, the 8 year old company recently announced their 4G LTE Wi-F [...]

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The Phantom 2

The 2nd new version of the ever-popular Phantom quadcopter has been given a new look and performance level to his predecessor. With a clear focus on ariel filming, this version is aimed at those looking to take advantage of their Phantom to achieve stunning ariel views.

An advantage that the Phantom had over other ariel drones was its ease of f [...]

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2014 and back in Action.

As a big hand waves goodbye to 2013, 2014 brings a year of new times, new thrills and new year’s resolutions.

Last year saw Action Gear giving a little change with a brand spanking new, bigger and more colourful office work space in the same office block. 2013 also saw the release of the much anticipated GoPro Hero 3+. Some liked it and others [...]

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Top 5 gadgets to get for her.

Shopping for a woman can be a scary experience. Whether shopping online or heading to overcrowded shopping malls over the festive season, late shopping can be a nightmare.

Theres is a little insight on good xmas presents with a slight techo edge to gently ease your lady or family member into the gadget world.

Garmin Forerunner 10 [...]

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How to Fix the ‘Jello Effect’ on a GoPro/Phantom Combination.

A common problem among GoPro fans that are quadcopter flyers, is the Jello Effect. This irritating little problem can cause beautifully shot footage to look like wobbling rubbish. The funny jelly like effect is caused by the interaction between the camera’s shutter speed and the vibration caused by the mounting of the camera on the Phantom or ot [...]

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DHL Germany Testing Delivery Drones

In the wake of Amazon announcing it's plans of using flying drones to deliver parcels, the German branch of international delivery service DHL, have begun their own plans into swing. According to the Deutsche post company, full testing of the flying copter is currntly under-way in the German capital.

The technology behind the service, is the th [...]

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The Brand New GoPro Hero 3 White Edition

For someone new to GoPro cameras or action cameras, the box-fresh GoPro Hero 3 White Edition offers a high quality high definition camera at an affordable price. The wide range and variety of GoPro mounts, accessories and add-ons that have been made available by the company make it a fantastic go anywhere camera.

To go along with their release [...]

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Panono Panoramic Ball Cam

Capture stunning 360° panoramic images with the Panono Ball. A perfect combination of camera and tossable, trowable ball.

Innovated by Technical University of Berlin student Jonas Pfeil, It makes use of a clever design that includes 36 evenly spaced lenses that work together as one camera system.

The fun thing about the Panono ball is that is [...]

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The Cardboard Bike

Who would have ever thought that you could make and ride a bicycle made completely out of recycled cardboard.

The innovative bike is made from about US$9 worth of cardboard and is being unveiled to the world by inventor Izhar Gafni. Izhar aims to create full scale production by the end of 2014 with his main target market the underdeveloped regi [...]

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Meet the Morpher, The world 1st foldable bike helmet.

Meet the Morpher, The very special biker’s helmet.

What's so special about it you ask? On top of looking ultra-stylish, this little baby is compact, safe and foldable. Yes foldable.The Morpher, is a helmet that folds away for easy storage after use.

The invention, which is still in its beginner stages, is the creation of Jeff Woolf. [...]

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4K Resolution the new TV Display hit

4K Resolution the new TV Display hit.

While many people are getting used to seeing and having large LCD High definitions TVs, internationally a roll out of 4K cinema quality televisions are hitting the shelves.

A level above LED and 3D, these types of TV sets are said to be the next television standard after HD. What exactly is 4K?

In terms o [...]

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Drift Trouble Shooting and Tech Help.

Action Gear frequently gets questions on how to’s and troubleshooting problems.

Here on the following blog, we have put together a set of helpful links to pdf, videos and ebooks to sort out a range (and I mean range) of problems with a Drift camera.

Drift HD Ghost Digital User Manual

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Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Door Lock.

The dream of having an all-electric home seems to be moving closer and closer. With the new Kwikset Kevo, locking and unlocking your home can be done safely from you smartphone.

Kwikset is the American company that specialises in digital and coded home security. Moving their products to the next level, they have unveiled their new Kevo product. [...]

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The ikettle that lets you tap your screen to boil water.

Who would have thought that one day your kettle would be able to ‘message you’ when fully boiled.

That’s exactly what the innovative iKettle does. This little wonder comes complete with a fully functional iOS app for control of the iKettle.

Now what is the iKettle exactly? Simply put, it is a medium sized stainless steel kettle 1.8L that is eq [...]

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Sony Smartwatch 2 VS Samsung Galaxy Gear

Local interest in smartwatches has increased since the recent launch of the Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch.  South Africans are looking to jump on the latest smart technology band wagon.

With the smartwatch market yet to reach its full potential, here is a head to head comparison of the Galaxy Gear and the Sony Smartwatch 2, two of the front [...]

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The new Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch

Is it a phone? Is it a watch? Hybrid? Well Samsung’s watch come mobile phone, The Galaxy Gear kinda does both.

Revealed at the exclusive event in Berlin, it will mark Samsung’s first entry into the world of smart watches. Now what makes this hyped up product so wow?

Firstly let’s start off correctly. The Galaxy Gear is not a phone, well not in [...]

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Great places to mount your GoPro for mountain biking.

Mountain biking is one of the few adventure sports that offers new riders a chance to experience an extreme sport without fearing the danger of some of the other more scary adventure sports. If you are a mountain biker, chances are you’ve thought about capturing your rides on an action camera.  

Using an action camera to capture moments of jump [...]

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The Weirdest DIY GoPro Mounts.

The world is full of people looking to save on buying mounts for their GoPro and make their own DIY mounts and rigs. Here are a couple of the more…em…interesting ones.

1) Reminiscent of the movie UP! This Guy’s floats his GoPro instead of a house. He mounts his cam using a Styrofoam x that is squashed into 50 helium filled balloons. NICE!


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The Jetovator – The Ultimate Water Sport Thrill Ride.

Nothing gets more exciting than being lifted 8 metres into the air above a clear blue sea being stunned by the beautiful ocean below you and the sky above you.

The Jetovator offers breath-taking rides that few water sports accessories can offer.

It works by using external power from a high power personal watercraft (PWC), like a Jet Ski or sup [...]

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How To Spot a Fake Memory Card

With the wide spread availabilty of counterfeit memory cards in South Africa, it is sometimes difficult to spot a fake. Luckily we at Action Gear have completed a guide that will show you exactly how to spot the not.

Serial numbers don’t match.

On a fake card, the serial number on the card is different to the serial number on [...]

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Toshiba Unveils the Camileo X SportCam.

Toshiba have unveiled their latest soldier in the battle of the action cameras with the Camileo X Sportcam.The strike out feature of the Camileo X is it's striking resemblance to the GoPro Hero. A look which might confuse the newbie action camera user. Similarities aside, the camera does have some stand out features, with Full HD 1080 video capt [...]

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What is Google Glass?

Google are hard at work to complete its Google Glass project. It was announced in 2012 that Google would dare to enter the shaky technology sector known as augmented reality. As the world slept, Google has been on a mission to create a complete hands free, desktop fr [...]

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Crazy iPhone 6 Pics.

Crazy Iphone 6 Pics. With iPhone users already waiting eagerly for the iPhone 6 to hit stores, many rumours of its specs and designs have started to pop up.

And with Apple having released a new iPhone every year for the last 3 years, the lovely iPhone lovers are expecting a new one to come out year end. Incredibly. Due to all the speculation an [...]

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Tracking Poachers with Camera Traps

The alarming rate of poaching in South Africa is now warranting larger and larger budgets being made available to clamp down on the rate at which these poachers are slaughtering SA's rhino population. The increasing plight of the rhino is now also attracting attention to the common poaching of many, many other of our animal species. 

The fight [...]

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Win an iPad 4 16Gb

Well, this isn't a competition that we're running but we are a part of it nonetheless... You can stand a chance to win a new iPad 4 16Gb (with WiFi & 3G) by voting for us in the 2013 Ecommerce Awards.

These awards are designed to give exposure to South African [...]

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Geo-tag your photos and videos with the i-GotU GPS Logger

Cameras seem to have reached a point where the quality is as good as it can get (hopefully we're wrong on this!) so now a lot of the manufacturers have turned their focus to including a heap of extra features to ensure that their camera is better than their competitors. One of the features which some camera brands have played around with is incl [...]

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ClearShot Credit Card Sized Camera Stand

There's a lot of interesting projects coming out of crowd funded programs like Kick Starter but the ClearShot invention of Mike Carney from Seattle is our favourite so far. Mike's simple yet ingenous idea is a clever plastic design which is small enough to fit in the credit card slot of your wallet but when you take it out it converts into a min [...]

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Daisy Chain Solar Chargers for Better Effect

When using the solar charge batteries the common practise is to leave the solar panel in the sun all day connected to the recharageable battery in order to charge up teh battery. Then when arriving at your destination you then plug your phone, camera or any other electronic to the charged up battery source. This is a good way to do it but there [...]

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