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Argus Cycle Tour - Last Minute Tips

With only a few days before the next Argus Cycle Tour you've probably heard all the advice there is to hear. The last minute nerves however probably have you browsing around various blogs and sites to find out any other morsels of useful information which can help you on race day, so that's what we'll give you here; a few really useful bits of a [...]

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Interview with Outdoor Expert James Menta

Below is my *interview with American Outdoor Expert James Menta... 

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Warrick Kernes. I have been following his site for a while now and I find it to be just a well of inspiration when it comes to adventure gear/outdoor electronics. You will find great information in this interview together with t [...]

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Iron Man 70.3 - Buffalo City 2014

As if it wasn’t daunting enough for a novice to take part in the Iron Man 70.3, the 2014 triathlon took place in Buffalo City - rated one of the most difficult courses in the world! Alongside the athletes starting to arrive in East London days before the race, a mix of nerves came along and slowly evolved into either anxiety, utter fear or unriv [...]

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Superbike makes a return to South Africa

The SuperBike racing will make its way back to South Africa’s glorious Phakisa Raceway after  a ten year hiatus with the announcement of the 2014 World SuperBike World Championship.

The world famous superbike racing championship is arguably the biggest motorbike racing series alongside the MotoGP and now SA motorbike fans will have chance to ca [...]

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How to make an open style braai.

As National Braai Day gets closer and closer, South Africa will see scores of people looking to show off their braai skills at the many family get-togethers nationwide.

For a little bit of a twist to your braaing experience, why not try an open style braai. No braai stand, no problem,[...]

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Dash camera catches footage of Pinetown Crash.

The unfortunate news of 24 lives being lost on the Field Hill road (M13) in Pinetown has left Pinetown residents feeling both angry and uneasy.

On Saturday the 7th of September, South Africans woke up to horrible broadcasts of the footage of an accident involving six vehicles (including a 22 wheeler truck) and six lanes across.

Pinetown reside [...]

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Win an iPad 4 16Gb

Well, this isn't a competition that we're running but we are a part of it nonetheless... You can stand a chance to win a new iPad 4 16Gb (with WiFi & 3G) by voting for us in the 2013 Ecommerce Awards.

These awards are designed to give exposure to South African [...]

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Aug 8 to 11 - AMID Bike Show, Boat Show & Outdoor Show at Nasrec

The AMID Bike Show is one of the highlights on any bikers calendar and we're pleased that it is just around the corner again. We loved being a big part of the bike show in 2012 and will be back in 2013 in full force with our team of experts on all high tech sporting gear. 

The Bike Show which is sponsored by AMID is a part of the massive weeken [...]

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July 27 - Historic Racing (Northern Regions)

Bring the family out to Zwartkops for a day of fun while watching the historic racing! Watching racing like this brings out the little kid in all of us and is a really great day out. Come through on July 27th to watch the Northern Regions leg of the national series of historic racing. Be sure to come by the Action Gear events rig to check out the d [...]
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July 20 - Kyalami Superbike School

Find the Action Gear Team track side on July 20th at Kyalami's Superbike School. The Kyalami Superbike School is dedicated to teaching and improving riding skills to get more out of your ride and in a safer way. You can use some of the Action Gear technologies to help with this process too; like the helmet cameras which can be used to film your rid [...]
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July 13 - ZOC All Bike Day

All bike fanatics can look forward to the ZOC All Bike Day at Zwarkops Raceway (Western Pretoria) on Saturday 13 July. There will be loads of bikes in loads of different types of races throughout the day. Drop by the Action Gear stand to say hi to our event crew and check out our great specials on the day. 

Categories on the day will include Ka [...]

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June 22 to 23 - Warrior Race #4 - Redstone

Adventure racing has fast become an incredibly popular experience and the Warrior Race is the most popular event around South Africa. If you've already completed one of these then you'll know what to expect, for those of you who are heading out for their first event - get ready to get extremely muddy while having an absolute blast with your team [...]

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June 15 to 17 - King of the Fort Gravity Races

The King of the Fort Gravity Races was the very first event our team attended way back in 2010 so we're thrilled to be back there in 2013 but this time we're bringing our entire events rig and team through! 

The King of the Fort event is a downhill skateboard and luge event held at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. Racers can look forward t [...]

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