Dog's Eye View Music Video

The music video unfolded when artist, Johnny Neon, left his dog with good friend Dave Meinart for a weekend. Meinert says he was going to make a video just to prove to his friend that he did actually take the dog for a walk but the reactions from onlookers made him take another look.

With the new release of GoPro's Dog Harness, we just had to pull up this old video from one of our customers. Dave constructed a GoPro harness 2 years ago to get this X breed's perspective on life. Her name is Lemon and I personally would love to have this dog's life, it looks amazing! Dave also mentions that if you would like to try this yourself, to remember every breed is different and has certain movements - so keep this in mind when mounting the harness in just the right spot!

It even got chosen as a Vimeo Staff Favourite! You'll have to watch it to the end to truly appreciate the humour...ENJOY!



Johnny Neon 'Hearts' from Dave Meinert on Vimeo.