Dookie Flash Race

Joburg Longboarders did a Flash Race down one of the fastest spots we have up here in Gauteng. It’s on a road called Hillclimb drive and is situated in Krugersdorp. It’s been a pretty popular road for Luges for about 15 years now. Many other people come to enjoy the road too, drift trikers, mountain bikers, and even some fancy sports cars that like to race up the hill. There is also a pretty great view of hills from the top of the road making for a great spectators spot. We’ve been having races there for quite a few years now and will continue to do so as it really is one of the best hills. So much so, that even riders from Cape Town, PE, J-Bay and Durbs all come up when we have a full blown race to enjoy the hill. 

This video is a “flash Race” meaning there was no official allowance to host the race, we kind of just rocked up and set up the basics in safety and regulations and had a 5 hour race with whoever could attend in the short time notice. It was a pretty good turn out.

Speeds reached at this hill are approximately 60-70KPH with three hairpin turns involved.