GoPro 4 Rumours

Update Novemebr 2014 - The GoPro Hero 4 camera has now been launched. Click the following links to read about each of the GoPro 4 models which have been released: 


The Hero 3+ only became readily available just before Christmas last year so its ridiculous to be talking about the release of the GoPro 4 already - or is it?

There's a lot of speculation about what would change in the GoPro 4 as a lot of the features have been maxed out. For example we wouldn't need it to go down to 120 meters underwater and we wouldn't need it to film in higher res than the 4k setting in the Hero 3 which is already somewhat overkill for the general user. So that begs the question, what would they focus on in launching the GoPro Hero 4? 

What will the Go Pro Hero 4 Edition look like? 

We would love to see the option to film in even high frame rates to allow for professional level slow motion shots, we also wouldn't mind if the photo resolution increased which would mean that you could digitally zoom in and still have incredible photo quality. The audio is already brilliant but could be slightly improved. 

But while these changes would be welcomed, the Hero 4 needs to have some game changing features - like instant uploading to social networks, geo tracking so your mates can see where you are in real time and live view through your camera, a much smaller design, and the big improvement after the Hero 3 would be for them to get the battery life more than 90 minutes! 

*Comment below with the features you would love the GoPro4 to have... 

With the recent announcement of the Ambarella A7 camera chip (the predecessor to the chip used in the Hero 3) a lot of the higher spec functions may well be realistic expectations. This new chip can shoot 4K in 30 frames per second (which is much more logical than the 4k in 12fps with the Hero 3), it can do 1080p in 120fps and even 720p in 240fps - which is pretty incredible. 

Let's wait and see what happens later in the year and if the next generation GoPro Hero 4 will be released - and if it does, when will it be reaching us here in South Africa..?? Hopefully the Go Pro Hero 4 will be out for Christmas. 

Regardless of what the Hero 4 upgrades are, it is sure to be epic! 

Video and photo provided by Matthias Tidlund