Is the GoPro Hero 4 Session only an action camera?

So you’ve probably read a million reviews and maybe even watched the video that Action Gear’s very own David did on the GoPro Hero 4 Session, but everyone is so focused on GoPro’s action sport abilities, has anyone considered using it as a conventional camera? I did…

I recently went to Germany to do some work in Munich, and unfortunately I went during a time when it was wet and cold and on the odd occasion it would even snow. The thing is with weather like this, you want to walk around with your hands in your pocket and when you see something cool, instead of using your phone, which gets wet from snow or rain, and is sucky to use because you have to take off your warm gloves, you need something to help… Well, enter the GoPro Hero4 Session…

The camera is obviously small and compact which makes it easy to just keep in your coat pocket (when wearing a coat in this weather) or to keep it in a small bag for wherever you travelling or if you want to carry it onto the plane for example. With it’s 1 button use, it’s quick and simple to start recording video immediately from the get go when you push record, so you don’t miss any crucial moments in case something happens quickly or you see something you want to get on video to show everyone back home.

There is one thing that makes it a bit tricky, but if you can look past it, you will be happy. GoPro has the default setting that when you hit the record button, it starts recording video, which can be inconvenient when all you want to do is take a picture. The way around this is, when leaving the house or area you can open the app on your phone (which is how you can view media and settings for the Session) change the setting to take pictures as default and voila! You have a compact little camera that takes high quality wide-angle pictures that actually gives you more perspective on your pictures, so that when you showing folks back home, they will be able to see more.

Look, the Session is ultimately an extraordinarily powerful and capable ACTION camera. But should you be in a moment or place that you need a camera to just capture a casual moment that you want to show someone later and you don’t have the most professional and expensive DSLR camera on the market at your exposure or your cellphone’s battery is dead, you can be sure that this little GoPro Hero 4 Session is more than capable to do the job for you and I’m glad I took it with me on my trip for some wide angle shots and cool slow mo’s of the snow.

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