Japan founded the Selfie Stick decades ago

If you're not familiar with  "chindōgu" or useless Japanese inventions rather, then you're in for a treat! Japan has been featuring highly specific products for years now and Redditors have recently discovered a selfie stick in a 1995 catalogue.

With the introduction of GoPro and it's multi functional mounts and accessories, the selfie stick has come back with a BANG with products such as the GoPole Evo, Reach and DS Monopod. We're just glad that people enjoyng these products today look a lot more impressed than the girl in this photo!

Since we know this enticed your curiousity, we've decided to collect a few  "chindōgu" chems on the net to just show you what kind of cool gadgets are out there in Japanese catalogues. I don't know, I'm just super impressed with most of them, are you?

Why not put that baby to good use?

Never dose off and EMBARRASS yourself again

When a tissue packet in your purse just isn't enough

Cool down your food with a clip-on mini fan

Look good and survive when a Tsunami hits

Never cut fingers again - well, not your own at least

Be a hero and rip out that umbrella on rainy days