Jet Surfing in Hawaii, the new EXTREME SPORT

Kai Lenny & Pato Teixeira invite you to discover a Jet Surf session, its first test in the powerful waves of Hawaii.

"JetSurf was founded in 2008 by Martin Sula, with the intention of pushing the boundaries of water sports, using the team's experience in engineering and electronics to create a new way to ride. The idea of a motorized surfboard has been in existence for several years. However, our developers, Martin Sula, Tadej Sterk and Zbynek Bures, succeeded in combining their knowledge and expertise in fields such as combustion engines, hydromechanics, composite materials, and electrical engineering to bring this idea to fruition with the realization of the JetSurf power board." -

It’s the most powerful engine of its kind designed by man. Hand-crafted with ultra-light carbon and kevlar. The lowest emissions for a barely-there carbon-footprint. Meticulously designed to fit in your luggage. It's called Jet Surfing, and it has a knack for shortening your surfing learning curve. Maybe it's the fact that your life boat can hit between 53 and 57 Kmph, or maybe it's just buckets of fun, and like me after watching this video you want one.