Meet the Phantom 3 Standard

Meet the Phantom 3 Standard: DJI has just announced their new camera drone, said to be "the most accessible intelligent flying camera ever built. Easy to fly and engineered to let everyone take to the sky, now you have the power of flight. Safe, easy, and fun to fly, the Phantom 3 Standard makes it possible for everyone to reach for the sky. With an intuitive flight system, built-in camera, live HD view, and more, the Phantom 3 Standard gives you everything you need to fly."


Phantom 3 Standard


 "Looking forward to this model to see what we have all been patiently waiting for with all the drones we have seen come from DJI.  The intelligent 'Follow Me' flight mode will change the way drones are used so can't wait to see what they have done and if it works the way we would like it to" - Mike Carey

This new step step down, 'intro model' is perfect for the beginner that is happy to sacrifice a little video quality to save substanially. The Phantom 3 Standard is not 4K video, which should really get you down unless you're a serious professional or at least a high middle weight with the Inspire 1 still at the top of the range. You are still getting 2.7k HD video at 30 frames per second video, 1080p at up to 30fps, and 720p at up to 60fps. Stills are 12MP (both raw and JPG), are the same as the Phantom 3 Professional.

Strangely the Phantom 3 Standard has better video specs that the Phantom 3 Advanced, even though it's a slight upgrade from the Phantom Vision 2 Plus. It's a entry level model that incoprorates the Phantom 3 Advanced and Phantom 2 Vision Plus, but has the latest features of 'Follow Me' and 'Way Point Flight'. These features are not included in the other Phantom 3 Models. 

The remote more resemles the Phantom 2 Vision Plus, which was designed to be smaller and simpler for beginners, compared to the Phantom 3 Professional. 

The price would be less than the Phantom 3 Advanced while boosting better video specs., though we are still waiting to check the lenses.


Select a location or object to focus on, and your Phantom 3 will continuously face it as you fly, or circle around it automatically


Program your Phantom 3 Standard to automatically follow you and act as your own personal film crew.


Plan flight paths and your Phantom 3 will fly autonomously on your pre-set route, letting you focus on the camera.


Intelligent Orientation Control helps you customize how you control your Phantom, letting you choose the most intuitive and easiest mode for you.

Other Specs;

- GPS-based stabilization

- Wifi

- Fly for up to 25 minutes on a single charge.

- The patented DJI Intelligent Flight Battery continuously tells you exactly how long you can continue flying, based on how far and at what altitude you are, and it alerts you when it's time to head back. This information is streamed live to the GO App on your smart phone.

UnfortunatelyThe lower price on the Standard means you don't get some of the features the Phantom 3 has the pleasure of enjoying: no downward-facing camera, no LightBridge video downlink, and no ability to connect with the GLONASS satellite positioning system. These features that make the Phantom 3 more stable and no LightBridge means no live streaming, one of the Raddest features of the Phantom 3 Professional.

If you'd like to chat about which drone would be best for you, drop a mail and Mike will be happy to assist.

Here's a great video that is a quick simple intro into the Phantom 3 Standard...


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