New and improved Garmin Zumo 390 Motorbike Navigator.

Garmin have added a few new innovations to their ever popular motorcycle GPS system by adding a few new tweaks. Improving on the already feature packed 390 is like adding luxury on top of luxury. The 1st feature unveiled is new Bluetooth connectivity. It allows phone to GPS to helmet connectivity (helmet add on sold separately), letting you communicate wirelessly over the phone. Riders can answer calls without having to remove their gloves or helmet.  The 390 is also able to transmit voice guided navigation directions to your phone or Bluetooth helmet including speaking out street names and navigation commands.




The 390’s touchscreen remains resistant to sunlight glair and is now a little more sensitive to touch, allowing glove friendly use in any situation or function.  

Another amazing new feature is the integrated Tyre Pressure Senor 3. It works making use of the tire pressure senor (sold separately)and gives the rider real time tyre pressure information on display. All data is then stored on the 390’s database and can be viewed at any point in time. The Service History also tracks oil changes, tire changes, spark plugs changes and chain cleanings.


A nifty feature making its way back is the all *weatherproof design allowing for you in many many driving situations.

The new Garmin 390 is a stunning piece of technology and offers a great, feature packed navigator for an affordable price. A fun way to customize your Garmin is using the set range of system themes called Garmin Garage. Customise your dashboard, change your command voices or even change the on screen vehicle to resemble yours.

Action Gear rating 9/10.